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Hello guys! Are you ready to accompany unicorns in the virtual world? Today I will introduce you to my favorite Unicorn games and I believe after my blog, you will be addicted to them either.  

Robot Unicorn Attack

Before going to discover more details about this game, you can experience the online version via the link below:

Want to know how to play first? Basically, Robot Unicorn Attack is an “endless running” game. In this world, you’re a unicorn and your mission is to keep running by avoiding rocks or anything blocking your way. As you can’t stop running, there are 2 magic powers that you can use: jumping or attacking. You press “Z” in order to jump, keep a bit longer for double jump and press “X” for the rainbow attack. You have 3 lives (3 wishes). If you can’t pass an obstacle, you’ll lose one wish and back to the starting point. Losing all wishes, the game’s over. Below is an example:

Robot Unicorn Attack 1

This game attracts you easily but I suggest you better playing on the phone instead of the computer because “Z” and “X” are quite close on the keyboard that makes you feel inconvenient and harder to play.  

The game's soundtrack is the 1994 song: Always by the British band Erasure, in its "2009 mix" version. If you’ve already addicted to this unicorn songs, enjoy here:

The game was produced by Spiritonin Media Games and was released on February 4, 2010. With one million plays within the first week of its release, Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the most popular and most played games featured on Adult Swim. 

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

As a result of its popularity, Adult Swim has made official merchandise for the game and has released it on the App Store and Google Play. Adult Swim released three follow-ups to Robot Unicorn Attack, subtitled Heavy Metal, Christmas Edition, and Evolution respectively. At present, you can enjoy Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Robot Unicorn Attack 3 on your smartphone.

best unicorn games

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

unicorn games for adults


Unicorn Dash

Just another running Unicorn game, nothing’s more special than Robot Unicorn Attack, but I still suggest you because my nephews like the background more than Robot Unicorn Attack 1 (even I feel nothing different here:)))

It doesn’t have an online version thus you can find and download it on Google Play. Watch how to play the game here:

Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzles

unicorn games for kids

If you’re tired of running and you need something to rest, this game is for you. Just like other puzzles, you need to arrange pieces into the correct picture. In Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzles by Natasha Jankovic, you can choose difficulty level as you’re the person who decides to divide the picture into how many pieces (at least 4 pieces and the maximum is 121 pieces).  Interesting hah? It’s suitable for not only adults but children.

 Unicorn games for Girls

If your girls are unicorn lovers, please visit you can find various unicorn games available for their choice such as coloring unicorns, decorating unicorns or creating their own unicorns’ world.

 My Little Pony  

What is more awesome than creating your own Ponyville? Here, you’re a god of a magical world. You can immerse yourself into attractive adventures and play fun mini-games with those adorable Ponies.

My Little Pony does tell you a story -  a story about Ponyville. After prisoned in the Moon for centuries, the Nightmare Moon was finally escaped and covered darkness over Ponyville. Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can save Ponyville from its control and bring lights along with friends to this land. Let’s help them re-construct the town and reach their dream by completing interesting missions. You can discover a part of the adventure here:

Apart from doing stuff in your own world, you can connect with other friends all around the world. So amazing

That’s all for my blog! I’ve just mentioned my favorite unicorn games. However, there are many unicorn games over there as you can search on Google, App Store and Google Play for more results. Cheers! 

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