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In the last blog, I'd already introduced you to some interesting unicorn games. And today I have more fun things to do with unicorns. I cherish most about the illustration that it gives us a chance to picture unbelievable things as though they were genuine. In the event that you need to feel the excite of creation, in this instructional exercise I will demonstrate how to draw a unicorn. These animals were not simply "ponies with horns"— they were portrayed as like goats, with cloven hooves and a jackass like tail. Their horns were said to have magical powers, however since the creatures were so timid, you'd require the assistance of a delicate maiden to catch one.

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Today, unicorns are no longer believed to be real, however, you can breathe life into one with the workmanship. You don't have to know how to draw horses or horns—I will lead you to step by step! Since this tutorial is complicated, you can see more for easy unicorn drawing instruction. Also, it might be easier to learn how to draw a unicorn using videos on Youtube.


  1. Portray the Pose of a Unicorn

Stage 1

Begin with an oval for the chest. It shouldn't be an impeccable oval and don't hesitate to remedy it the same number of times as fundamental.

start a pose with oval

Stage 2

Include the rear end. Its size and separation from the chest will characterize the state of the body.

oval with half oval makes the body

Stage 3

Include the neck and head.

simple neck

Stage 4

You can pick any stance you like for your unicorn.

how to start drawing a horse in canter

horse in canter simple drawing

Stage 5

At last, include a tail:

drawing horse tail

  1. Draw the Body of a Unicorn

Stage 1

Presently we will include shapes trademark for a pony body. Draw the head and the gag...

how to start drawing horse head

Stage 2

... at that point interface them with two lines and include the ears best of the head.

how to draw horse head

Stage 3

This will be the eye:

how to start drawing horse eye

Stage 4

Include a few points of interest the head and begin assembling the hooves. Change the heading of lines to the point of the legs.

how to draw horse hooves

Stage 5

Complete the hooves:

how to finish drawing horse hooves

how to draw realistic horse hooves

Stage 6

Include the wrists and foot rear areas. Truly, these aren't knees!

how to draw horse knees

Stage 7

Add a few points of interest to the foot sole areas. The bones are truly appearing around there, and they make a run of the mill horse look.

how to draw horse leg details

Stage 8

Include the thigh and the arm.

how to draw horse thigh arm

Stage 9

Interface the parts of the legs with delicate lines.

how to draw horse legs

Stage 10

Before we draw the neck, it's great to include some rules: the back of the shoulder bone and the width of the neck.

how to draw horse neck

Stage 11

Presently you can complete the layout of the body.

how to draw horse body

  1. Draw Unicorn Horn

Stage 1

The horn of a unicorn may look entangled, however, there's really a basic equation for it. Begin by characterizing its length and heading with a line.

how to draw a unicorn

Stage 2

Cross it with corner to corner lines, skewing them more as you draw near to the tip.

how to draw a unicorn horn

Stage 3

Include a duplicate of each line beneath, keeping a little separation from the other line.

how to draw a spiral horn

Stage 4

Interface each line with its duplicate with a circular segment.

unicorn horn tutorial

Stage 5

Draw concave arcs in between.

  1. Complete the Drawing

Stage 1

What might a unicorn be without its spectacular mane? Include some delightful hair all over. Customarily, unicorns have been envisioned with tufted tails, yet don't hesitate to utilize a typical steed tail in the event that you need.

how to draw unicorn mane

Stage 2

Your illustration looks exceptionally filthy at the present time, with numerous lines intersection and covering each other. In any case, that is typical! To make a wipe picture out of this, you can use one of these tips:

  • Make another layer, in case you're drawing carefully.
  • Sweep your illustration, bring down its delicacy/mistiness with a program, and afterward print it with the portray scarcely obvious.
  • Draw over the most vital lines with a ballpoint pen or a marker. Put another sheet of paper over the portray—the dim lines ought to be seen through.

how to draw clean drawings

Stage 3

Keep drawing on the new layer/printed portray/new sheet of paper. This time, be more watchful with lines since they're the last ones.

how to draw detailed horse

how to draw a unicorn with pencil

how to draw a realistic unicorn

Marvelous Drawing!

realistic unicorn drawing tutorial

Unicorns may not be genuine, but rather you have quite recently made one! This tutorial will bring some magic to the paper by learning how to draw a unicorn. It will guide you through steps to complete a detailed unicorn drawing designed for anyone who wants to make a cute unicorn out of thin air.

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