Funny Unicorn Gift Making: 3 Magical DIY Unicorn Projects

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Any funny unicorn gift can bring a smile to any unicorn fan. It’s even more special if it’s something the unicorn lovers can create by themselves. The item not only has their trademark of unicorn, but also holds some special personal meaning, as it is created with heart and mind of the owner. Let’s check out with us all the exciting DIY unicorn crafts that surely will add some sparkle to your life. Get your hands on these projects! You’ll get surprised when realizing you can make these magical pieces all by yourselves.

Funny Unicorn Gift 1: DIY Unicorn Lamp

funny unicorn gift

Owning a gorgeous unicorn lamp that brings you to sleep might be the dream of any unicorn lover. This is not only your dream anymore as it is totally do-able by yourself. Get it done easily with only several simple steps. First, prepare a plastic unicorn doll, a lamp and lamp thread kit, gold spray paint, a block of wood with fitting size that the unicorn can stand on. You also need other DIY tools for gluing and drilling all the parts. Start with putting tape all over the unicorn body, placing the unicorn on a flat table. Decide the correct mark where you would put the lamp pipe through, then drill in perpendicular direction to the table.

Time to work on the lamp. Thread lamp cord into the pipe first then put the pipe into the drilled hole on the unicorn body. Place the unicorn on the wooden block and see where you can secure the pipe to its body. Attach the pipe to the unicorn firmly with hot glue. Finish other parts of the lamp as in the kit’s instruction. Glue the unicorn and lamp pole to the block. Finally, cover all unicorn hair with tape and spray gold color all over its body. Take out the tape and we already have a gorgeous perfect golden unicorn lamp. This item will instantly light up your room with its shining look.

Funny Unicorn Gift 2: DIY Unicorn Eye Sleeping Mask

DIY funny unicorn gift

This lovely unicorn eye sleeping mask will bring you only beautiful dreams of unicorn. Your kids would definitely love it for its cute, adorable design. Making it is so easy, you don’t even need any thread or needle to get it done. All you need are just some colorful felt pieces (preferred white, pink, blue and black color as they are typical unicorn colors!), gold or silver sequin ribbon and elastic. Other DIY tools for cutting and gluing are must-have items too.

First, prepare paper template for your eye mask. Cut a rectangular piece of paper and put them on your own eyes first to get the correct size. Then draw and cut from it the unicorn details as in the picture. You might need to adjust the drawing a few times before getting it right. After that, trace each part onto the corresponding felt: unicorn head on white felt, unicorn eyes on black felt etc. Then cut carefully. Glue all felt pieces together to make it look like in the picture. Attach the sequin ribbon to the horn part with hot glue to make a golden (or silver) unicorn horn. Cut a piece of elastic in suitable length for your head and stick it at two ends of the mask.

Finally, you can add another layer of felt at the back to keep the mask soft and gentle for your eyes. This is such a convenient item that any unicorn lover would like to have.

Funny Unicorn Gift 3: DIY Unicorn Planter

funny unicorn gift for girls

This lovely pink unicorn planter would add a dreamy vibe to your room in an instant. It’s also super easy to make! Let’s transform your plain plant pot into a magical unicorn thing with our simple tutorial. What you need is a clay pot with succulent plant, white spray paint, black pen and pink marker, gold glittering paper, paper flowers and other necessary DIY tools. First, white-spray all your clay pot. Wait for it to dry then draw unicorn eyes on it with black pen. Add the rosy cheeks with pink marker. Attach all the paper flowers on the top of the pot. It would look like a flower crown on unicorn head. Cut a horn-shaped piece out of gold glittering paper and glue it behind the flower. You already get a lovely unicorn planter just from a normal plant pot.

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