5 Celebrities with beautiful unicorn hairstyles that will inspire you

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Have a nice day, guys! Dunno what the weather was like in your place, but around me just a few hours ago, a group of youngsters who had unicorn look were brightening up the whole street. You might already know what I meant “unicorn look” by looking at my topic today. Yea… I had been attracted by their unicorn hairstyles so much. Thus when I came back home, turned on my laptop and searched about unicorn-inspired hairstyles.

Guess what! I found not only various beautiful unicorn hairstyles but also a fact that many celebrities are unicorn lovers as they left unicorn signal on their hair. So… who are they?

Katy Perry

Dye your hair with unicorn-symbol colors? Why not? Just look how stunning Katy was in her Prismatic World Tour. The main colors were light green and mauve which successfully highlighted her skin and her eyes.

unique unicorn hairstyles

Katy Perry’s hairstylist might be a massive fan of unicorns as Perry has another rainbow hair in a holiday commercial of H&M. However this time, yellow and green got the spotlights.

best unicorn hairstyles

I found an interesting video on Youtube which is “DIY unicorn hair” and I think it would be great for us to make a rainbow hair by ourselves. The process is quite easy and the results will definitely satisfy you. What a great unicorn tip!



The “Tik Tok” singer rocked her style in MTV Video Music Awards with unicorn hairstyle. Different from K.P, half of her hair was mainly yellow and light green while the other side was the combination of blue and violet.

unicorn hairstyles for adults

best unicorn hairstyles

Gal Gadot

OMG!!! I’m a big fan of Wonder Woman. It might be one of the most enchanting unicorn hairstyles ever. If you're in the mood to try some wavy curling hairstyle but still wanna keep unicorn vibes, this will be a perfect choice for you! The big waves make your hair look thicker and high porosity. If you want to dye in different ways, I think you should choose bright colors as you’ll look younger and easier to stand out from the crowd.

famous unicorn hairstyles

Alicia Keys

best unicorn hairstyles

The long style represents nearly every shade of the rainbow, with braids in alternating hues of pink, purple, and electric blue. Alicia Keys just managed to put the most magical spin on the thigh-grazing trend.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi did something amazing with her hair as these cool creature’s horns with a twisted braid in the center of her head. Gigi had this style on a few occasions but always does it slightly different. This time she’s gone for three mini braids and finished it with a high ponytail. But previously she’s just had two French style braids leading down the center of her head and the great thing is, they both look incredible!

Hope you guys all enjoy my blog! Exploring more unicorn facts here

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