Cute Unicorn Gif Collection: Our Selection of 15 Cutest Unicorn Gifs

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Cute unicorn gif never fails to make any unicorn lover squeeze in love. Unicorns are already known for their irresistible cuteness. What’s more delightful than watching adorable unicorns with animated gestures? We bring you cutest unicorn gif set that surely brings a smile to your face. Inserting these gifs to your online post and chat is the best way to show the world the soft side of your inner unicorn. These will delight not only you but also your friends and family. Even if they’re not unicorn lovers, who wouldn’t adore cute animals doing cute things? Let’s make your everyday more fun by saving some of these lovely gifs to your phone.

Cute unicorn gif set 1: Get into all kinds of mood as a unicorn

unicorn gif

Exactly your reaction to some shocking news coming out of nowhere:)

cute unicorn gif

Seems like someone isn’t happy… But you can’t even get angry when they’re cute like this=))

cute unicorn gif

Look at the innocent expression, who can resist him?

best unicorn gif

“It seems like I haven’t seen you around before. Nice to meet you”

unicorn gif free

Don’t be sad honey. Someday we’ll find you:D

cute unicorn gif

Wow, I’m so fabulous:x

interesting unicorn gif

Standing strong with the power of gentleness against any fierce rival.

Cute unicorn gif set 2: Unicorn with rainbow

cute unicorn gif

Happily walking on the rainbow, my home.

interesting unicorn gif

Something delicious is over there:P

unique unicorn gif

Raise your hand if you want to bring him home! (so fluffy:x)

unicorn gif

Rainbow is my favorite food, what’s yours?

Cute unicorn gif set 3: Celebrating your special days

happy birthday unicorn gif

The best lighting for your birthday party:x

unicorn gif image

This glorious glittering unicorn will brighten your party anywhere.

Hope you have a good time with our cute gif set:) For more adorable unicorn gif, take a look at our funny unicorn gif set here.

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