Cute Unicorn: Reasons for Adults to Love Cute Unicorn

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Unicorns are dominating the pop culture as one of the most popular and trending animals that inspire all kinds of products. Producers have slapped cute unicorn on pretty much anything, from clothing to gifts. Ladies and teen girls just can’t resist all the sparkle, iridescence, girly pink and rainbow hues.

However, there’s more than what meets the eyes that makes unicorn so special. Our blog series “Reasons to Love Unicorn” will lead you through the main reasons for unicorn craze among children and adults alike. The first article already gave some insights into kids and unicorns’ strong bond (read it here). In this article, we will get into adults (especially young ladies) and teenagers’ mind to understand their unicorn love. According to market research statistics, they are the major consumers of unicorn-themed products. Let’s get to know why they can become such invested in this lovely creature.

1. Firstly, cute unicorn is ethereal beautiful

cute unicorn

Who can resist the gorgeous beauty of a unicorn in legend? With shining pure white hair, glittering purple eyes and lovely single horn, they look like angels that just descended from heaven. All colors associated with cute unicorn are child-like and dreamy. Pink, white, holographic color, iridescence, rainbow hues all remind us of childhood dreams still living in our hearts. Ladies and teenage girls are no doubt in love with these themes. They are adults, but their souls are still young and filled with surreal dreams. Beautiful and cute, childlike animals like unicorn can easily capture their hearts.

Unicorns also represent their ideal of beauty. The ultimate beauty must be something hard to see in real life, only exist in books and legend stories. Unicorns just fit this standard with its mysterious existence, which is still a question to date. They are not only beautiful, but also soft and harmless with a cute look. It’s like an instinct for adults to have a soft spot for cute, soft looking things. And cute unicorn is no exception.

2. People still secretly believe in magic

cute unicorn drawings

It is so easy for children to believe in things they don’t even see, like magic. But we grow up, constantly told not to believe in nonexistent things no one ever saw. Magic, which defies any scientific logic, simply becomes an only children’s thing. Cute unicorn, charming mermaid, and other mystical creatures also go into the same categories. However, in this cruel harsh world, a dream, even unrealistic, is so necessary. It’s a way to heal our hearts and escape our tiring real life for a bit. Somewhere in our mind, we still anticipate something too-good-to-be-true to happen.

Unicorns, with its healing power to all disease, incredible strength and wisdom, just satisfy that unconscious need. People not only adore cute unicorn, they slap it into all personal things. From personal bags, daily clothes, trademark accessories, all are spreading in the market like burning fire. Adding a unicorn touch to your items can make them a little more magical. That is the common belief among unicorn lovers. No one knows if it’s true, but it doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming and believing in magic right?

3. Mythology about unicorns makes them much more appealing

cute unicorn pictures

Unicorn is mentioned nine times in the Bible with stories about its strength, its elusive and mysterious being, and how only virgins with pure souls can see them. With teaching purpose, Bible gives unicorns human traits and makes them a creature with hearts and souls. Consequently, we all know about unicorn as a representative of purity and innocence. Unicorns seem also related to Christ and the Virgin Mary, hence become a symbol of nobility and wisdom to discern the truth. Around the medieval time, people naturally thought of unicorn as a real animal. A book named The Physiologus, written about real animals, included detailed description about unicorns. Nevertheless, medieval unicorns are most known now through “The Hunt for the Unicorn”, seven tapestries dating from 15th century.

All those thrilling stories just add a mysterious vibe to unicorn’s existence. As a result, people can’t stop talking about it, spreading even more rumors and stories about this mythological creature. Regardless of their reliability, cute unicorn quickly becomes talk of the town and attract numerous fans along the way.

Unicorn stories, unicorn characteristics, unicorn beauty, unicorn-inspired things are just daily dose of happiness for any cute unicorn lover. The main reason for enthusiastic unicorn love must be how it brings so much inspiration to our mundane life. Although its realness is still in doubt, let’s treasure the beautiful dreams unicorn has given us.

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