Fun Unicorn Facts: What Everyone Wants to Know about Unicorn

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People believe unicorn to be one of the most magical and noble creatures that human has ever known. It’s also one of those animals that attract huge following everywhere in the world with a lot of fun unicorn facts. The reason is unicorn has become legend across different cultures, from East to West from long ago in the history. It’s also a well-loved animal by children, who often raise many questions about this mysterious creature. We often encounter questions like “When can I see unicorns?”, “Are they real?”, “How do they look like in real life?”. Even with adult unicorn-lovers, the answer might be not so obvious. Here we rounded up some fun unicorn facts that might satisfy your passion and curiosity about its mythical existence.

1. Fun unicorn facts of its features and characteristics

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Legend depicts unicorns with pure white color. In fact, unicorns can have many different colors, from brown, jet-black to gold or crimson, with purple or sky blue eyes. One of the most interesting fun unicorn facts is white unicorn, however, holds a special magic to make everyone touching it happy for the rest of their lives. Unicorn typically doesn’t have wings. Yet, there’s this creature, with single horn like unicorn and wings like Pegasus (flying horse), called alicorn. Alicorn is also official name for unicorn’s horn. Stories said unicorn’s horn is unicorn’s weapon in fight and possesses a tremendous strength that can kill an elephant. Some rumors say unicorns don’t eat at all and survive by absorbing the sun’s energy through their horns.

There are many fun unicorn facts surrounding alicorn (unicorn’s horn) about its magical healing power. People said it's a liquid containing powdered horn can work as an antidote to poisoning. Queen Elizabeth I also received a unicorn horn as a unique gift from the explorer Martin Frobisher. The trade of unicorn horn has started from Middle Ages, with narwhal horns becoming so popular among Vikings traders. They made the Throne of Denmark in late 1600s of unicorn’s horn as main material, though many believed it was actually narwhal’s horn.

2. Fun unicorn facts about its family life

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Unicorn is often seen in pictures as a lonely creature. They indeed often live in groups of four or five, with father and mother unicorns and their children as a happy family. The “old” ones in a unicorn family are hundreds of years old, they lead their children living a peaceful and elusive life deep into the forests. Because unicorns never appear in front of human (except virgins with pure hearts), no one is really sure of their whereabouts, their daily habits or their lifespan. Let's hope we can discover more fun unicorn facts about their daily life with help of science in the future.

3. Fun unicorn facts in the Bible

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Many fun unicorn facts we hear these days origins from the Bible. But does the mythical unicorn that many people imagine with pure white hair and sparkling horn actually appear in Authorized King James’ Bible? Let’s go back to history and find out the truth. It isn’t uncommon for translation to go wrong, especially for something so old and being translated into so many languages over time like Bible. A group of Greek scholars first translated the original Hebrew Biblical text to Greek around 250 B.C. The “unicorn” we see today was “re’em” in the original text, which might have referred to a wild ox with one horn, an animal that had been extinct then. It also didn’t have a corresponding word in Greek that the translators must use a substitute with the closest meaning, “monokeros” (meaning one-horned).

“Monokeros” gives us some clue of what the original Bible actually mean. It’s defined as a unicorn in Webster’s Dictionary 1828. However there are more details in the “unicorn” they mentioned in the dictionary. The real image was more like a type of one-horned rhino than the typical magical unicorn in most people’s imagination. So in conclusion, does Bible really mention the magical unicorn we all think of? Still no definite answer till now, as no one knows for sure what the “re’em” in the original Hebrew Bible looks like.

4. Unicorn as country’s symbol

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Scotland has chosen unicorn as its national animal for a long time. We need to trace back to 6 centuries ago to understand the origin of this fun unicorn facts. It was around 1460-1488 when Scotland’s King James III issued coins depicting unicorns. The Scots’ love for unicorn also shows when they celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9. This day was also recognized as National Unicorn Day in the United States in 2015.

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