These funny unicorn jokes are sure to bring a smile to any Unicorn Lover

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Unicorn has been widely known as the funniest mythical creature in the world. In our website, we showed you many funny unicorn quotes as well as unicorn memes, and today we will collect some unicorn jokes for you guys. Don't worry about the contents as this collection is safe for everyone even for children of all ages.

funny unicorn jokes

Unicorn Jokes

Q: What did the mythical creature serve at his barbecue?

A: Unicorn on the cob.


Q: What is the difference between a carrot and a unicorn?

A: The first is a bunny feast, the other is a funny beast.


Q: Which state do unicorns like most?

A: Maine.


Q: Why do unicorns like silly jokes?

A: Because they’re uni-corny.


Q: How do unicorns get to the park?

A: On a unicycle.


Q: What street do unicorns live on?

A: Mane Street.


Q: What’s black and white and eats like a unicorn?

A: A zebra.


Q: Why can you always trust what a unicorn says?

A: They’re no bull.


Q: Do they have unicorns at the zoo?

A: Yes – they’re just big, grey and called rhinos.


Q: What do unicorn moms bake on Sunday?

A: UniCorn muffins.


Q: Why do unicorns listen to polkas?

A: They like to hear unicordians.


Q: What did the Unicorn say to the tomato growing in the field?

A: U No Corn.


Q: What do they call the best student at Unicorn University?

A: The A-corn.


Q: What do unicorns call their dad?

A: Pop corn.


Q: Where do naughty unicorns go?

A: Unicourt.


Q: Why did the unicorn want to join the school band?

A: So he could wear a uni-form.


Q: What do unicorns wear when it’s cold outside?

A: UniCorduroy pants.


Q: Why was the unicorn such a good guitar player?

A: He knew all the uni-chords.

Unicorn Jokes in Unicorn party

The wider Unicorn Lovers community is, the more popular Unicorn parties are. 

best unicorn jokes

There are various activities that we can do in a Unicorn Party as eating some unicorn foods, decorating everything in rainbow theme and tell some fun unicorn jokes at your party!

Here’s a unicorn party idea: Write some unicorn jokes on little pieces of paper, fold or roll them up, and stick them inside a balloon. Blow the balloon up and tie it off. Play a game of pop the balloon, in which kids sit on a balloon to pop it. When they do, they can read the joke or have an adult read it to them. It’s hilarious!

You can find more unicorn party idea and some unicorn stuff for your party at

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