Interesting Unicorn Facts: Meanings of Unicorn Symbol

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People have long considered unicorn as ultimate symbol of magic, miracle and enchantment. There are so many interesting unicorn facts surrounded them. People worship unicorn and its divinity among different cultures. They making references of unicorn in fantasy books and novels. Numerous mysterious stories about unicorn mythology are widely spread among people. So what are the true values of unicorn that make them so divine? Why do people from all cultures go crazy about them? Let’s go with us to discover the depth of spiritual meaning that hides behind this legendary animal.

1. Unicorn - a symbol of innocence and purity

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One of the interesting unicorn facts is unicorn gifts often have soft colors and an eye-catching, cute look. Do you know the reason why unicorn stuff usually has such vibe? Those mythical stories from long time ago mostly described unicorn as an ethereal creature with white color. Only pure-hearted virgins can capture these creatures.

White is symbol of innocence and purity. It represents the untouchable perfection that human yearns for but can never achieve. It’s hence more of an idea and inspiration than a tangible thing. A white unicorn with magic, only seen by the purest hearts with virtuous deeds, is something similar. It reminds us of dream and miracle that only children, with imagination and creativity, can see. Unicorn inspires us to keep our heart as young and pure as children. They keep us hope and believe that miracle exists and will happen someday.

2. Unicorn - a symbol of divining truth

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The unicorn is famous for its single sharp horn, the symbol of Unity. The meaning is unity of heart and mind to reach the ultimate truth. People believe unicorn with its magic can see through heart of everyone and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.

3. Unicorn - a symbol of illuminating wisdom and supreme strength

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Among tons of interesting unicorn facts in legend, people mostly agree on its look-like-horse body. It also holds the same meaning like horse as a symbol of travel and movement. Adding the magical power, unicorn holds the tremendous strength and speed that can move across all space and time dimensions. Legend also said unicorn killed an elephant with only its horn, a proof of its endless and miraculous power. Anyone that drinks from unicorn’s horn can be healthy and protected from all diseases. That’s why people chase after unicorn forever, but it’ll never appear unless encountering a virgin. Unicorn also represents the highest wisdom that human seeks for. It is the wisdom that exists beyond the worldly mind and leads us to enlightenment and ultimate happiness.

4. Unicorn - a symbol of the feminine

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Unicorn’s white hair signifies innocence and purity, which many think are feminine quality. White also represents the lunar, with feminine energy, receptivity and virginity. These interesting unicorn facts and qualities are also what legend often described unicorns. In addition, the fact that only virgin can see a unicorn proves the divine connection of unicorn and femininity.

5. Unicorn - a symbol of magic and wonder

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From countless books, the unicorn is always referred as an unreachable magical creature. They only appear just in people’s surreal dreams. It’s a symbol of what’s most wondrous, miraculous and enchanting. It is a beauty that only ones with the purest and noblest heart and soul can see. The legend about unicorn just makes it a mysterious and ethereal creature. The unicorn in stories shows endless appeal for people in all generation, from children to adults. Children love it for its pure and lovely image, while adults get attracted for its noble and divine qualities. Unicorn, since human has known about them, has been a perfect magical symbol where imagination and dream meet.

With so many meanings and values, you might now understand why so many people are loving this creature enthusiastically. Get to know more about beautiful unicorns and unicorn-related stuff in our website:

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