Making Friends with Lovely Unicorn: A How-to Guide

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Unicorns are ethereal, magical, beautiful, one of the noblest creatures human has ever known. Everyone wants to be friend with them, but as everyone knows, they are so elusive that no one in modern times has actually seen any of them. We collect here several possible ways that a unicorn lover can make friend with a lovely unicorn. This is just based on the theory about unicorns, as no one has seen a real unicorn to make sure this can work. However, for now, at least we can try. Hope that someday, the method can a gorgeous unicorn can step out of its comfort zone to enlighten us.

1. Making friends with girls with pure souls

lovely unicorn


The long-ago stories said that only pure-hearted virgins can capture unicorns. Unicorns not only appear in front of those chosen ones, but also will voluntarily come and sit on their laps. We wonder what kind of telepathy lovely unicorn has with virgins to have that special relationship. And nowadays, is it because of our polluted environment and society that there’s no more virgins with completely pure souls that can lure a unicorn? People now would rather believe they don’t exist. However, this is still the best way to think of given what legend said of unicorns.

What a lovely unicorn sees isn’t with their eyes, but with their hearts. You probably have to use the same way to look for people that might be the first ones to win unicorn’s love. Those people are rare nowadays, they are also the best friends that you can have. Because of their pure, vulnerable souls, they might feel difficult to open up with people. The only possible way to get into their hearts is to treat them with kindness and earnestness. Their pure mind can see through any hidden intention. Hence, be straightforward and dedicated, then they will return you just the same, or even better.

2. Become that pure-hearted virgin

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If you feel finding one pure soul is hard, there’s another option, making yourself as one. How to become a pure soul that the lovely unicorn is looking for? Only unicorns can give us answer. We can only guess with our limited mundane experience. What is a human with pure soul? A few examples can be treating yourself and others kindly and selflessly, always thinking positively, staying humble, keeping beautiful dreams. In sum, any act that makes you grow as a better person can purify your soul. The more you nurture your soul, the higher chance you get to see unicorn someday.

3. Be A Lovely Unicorn with Your Lifestyle

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Making yourself become a unicorn with unicorn clothing, unicorn accessories, unicorn makeup, unicorn jewelry. Basically, fake it until you make it and unicorn will gradually accept you with love. Bringing unicorn-inspired items already express your great love for unicorns, they can see it. More than that, like many people say, these stuff will add a little magic to your life, delighting you with sparkle and softness. Adopting a unicorn lifestyle will maintain your unicorn love day by day. Your belief in unicorn and dream would grow stronger day by day too, which is the main force will lead you to meet unicorn someday. Only people with firm trust in lovely unicorn, in magic and dream will finally see it.

There are many ways you can bring unicorn style to your daily life. If you are a reserved girl, only want to show your love in your most personal corners, pick up unicorn decorations like stickers, lamps, or home stuff like pajamas, slippers to show your inner unicorn. Cool, outgoing girl with bold style can shout out your unicorn love with unicorn makeup & nails, unicorn fashion and jewelry, and much more.

Either way would work to build up your love and belief. Don’t forget to take care of your soul as a pure-hearted virgin too. By that way, even when you were not born as a unicorn, you live as one with true unicorn characteristics, inside and out.

4. Finally, let’s go to the forest!

lovely unicorn

What’s the better way to meet a unicorn than going to where it lives? Although history said unicorns would appear by its will before a virgin, nothing can stop us from actively searching with our sheer longing heart. However, only after we have prepared ourselves well, with proper appearance, and a true good-hearted nature, the trip could be meaningful. Unicorns are not for ill-intentioned human only there for hunting purpose. You can never hope to see any unicorn no matter how many forests you go to in that case.

Good people would meet good things along their ways and by luck or some magical direction, they might run into one! Your passion will fuel your searching. It might be a tiring long trip, but your enthusiasm will keep you going. In the end, the result might be fruitful. Besides meeting a lovely unicorn, you will learn precious experience you might’ve never thought of.

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