Love Unicorn: Reasons for Children's Love for Unicorn

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Unicorns have shown their appeal to people of all generations. From kids to adults, women to men, people all love unicorn. What exactly is their attracting power that can charm anyone? Even from thousand years ago, from the Middle Age era, people already sang praise about unicorns. Maybe to thousands people, there will be thousands reasons why they are passionate about unicorns. Let us break down some possible explanations for human’s love for unicorn through this blog series “Reasons to Love Unicorn”.

In this article, we give you some insight about the relationship between children and unicorn. The most interesting point is probably how they share a lot of similarities. Besides, some other characteristics of unicorns are proved to be irresistibly fascinating to children’s mind. Let’s have a look at all those things.

1. Kids Love Unicorn for Its True, Pure Self

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Legends always depicted unicorns as ultimate symbol of purity and divinity. They are miraculous creatures with ethereal beauty, in pure white color and radiating bright light. They hence look like just descended from heaven. The description reminds us of how children are born. People often say new-born babies and little kids are gifts from heaven for their parents. Children and unicorn are both the purest existences. Unicorns are elusive, separated from the noisy, polluted human world. In the same way, children come to earth with pure hearts and mind that might feel totally strange with the adult world. Human yearns for unicorn just like how they yearn for their long-lost pure self from children day. They had “it” as children, but it has worn out by the outside world as they grow up.

That might explain the instant close relationship between kids and unicorns. Kids might not know all the unicorn mythology. But they adore the pure and friendly-looking creature that seems so similar to them! Unicorns might have a soft spot for children too. The fact that they submit to nothing but another pure soul proves the point.

2. Kids Love Unicorn for Its Magic

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Unicorns are basically horses with magic. Magic is the all-time favorite topic about unicorns that people has talked about for hundreds of years. There are many legend stories about unicorn magic. One of the most known ones must be about the healing magic of unicorn horn. During the Middle Age era, people said liquid with unicorn horn powder was an effective antidote to any poison. Unicorn horn also has incredible power to kill an elephant as said in Bible. Moreover, only seeing unicorn could make you attain ultimate happiness in life. All those stories about unicorn magic have nurtured the imagination of all generations about the existence of magic. Children, with their flying imagination, can’t help but being attracted to this magical creature.

Unicorns become the source where all their dreamy thoughts can bloom. Only thinking about unicorns and their magic can make their day brighter. Nothing is more exciting for them than the thought of running into a unicorn someday. Meeting a unicorn, making friends with unicorns and sharing its magic might be so attractive for kids. More than the stories about healing power, for kids, unicorn might even have magic to change anything. Unicorns can turn them into a princess. Or they can talk, telling them stories about places they’ve never been before. Everything can come true with a magical unicorn. That might be what happens in children’s mind. And whether it’s true or not (why not?), their dream about unicorns with magic never stops, so does their love for this adorable creature.

3. Kids Love Unicorn for Its Innocent Appeal, And Beauty

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Unicorns possess ethereal beauty that doesn’t seem to belong to this world. Kids just love that, they love mysterious things that adults neither believe nor trust. The beautiful creature from remote, far away forest will intrigue their tremendous curiosity. They might build up in their mind thrilling stories like fairy tales about its origin. And those stories are just endlessly appealing to them.

On top of that, unicorn’s beauty has an innocent vibe, for they live apart from human’s material world. Children, therefore, find their innocent look harmless and familiar with them, as they hold similar qualities. Legends always say only a virgin with pure soul can spot a unicorn. If unicorn really exists, we can hope that someday, a pure-hearted kid can see them with their clean, innocent eyes.

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