Let's figure out what make unicorns awesome (Part 2)

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Hi there, me again! Remember my last promise? Yes? So let's figure out what make unicorns awesome!

Alright… so here we go! Continue the road of discovering all unicorns’ secret, answer those questions we’ve wondered for so long.

In my last blog, I led you to those characteristics of the unicorn. Apart from their brightness, unicorns have powers that make anyone desire. I’m gonna list those powers below. (If you missed out my first part, please read it here:

Unicorns can fly 

Some people might say that they have wings so... of course, they can fly. But what if wings don’t exist? I admit that not all unicorns have wings. In many typical traditional myths about unicorns, it is even said that they do not have the necessary anatomy for flying.

reasons make unicorns awesome

However, unicorns can be what you want them to be. Why do you have to believe in those myths as they’re just… myths? If you imagine a unicorn with wings, yeah… it flies. But if wings don’t exist? Don’t forget unicorns have the ability to create rainbow, buddy. They can float among clouds in the sky by making rainbow bridges.

Unicorns are fortune tellers

You have been dreaming about unicorns for many times. You wake up and think it’s just a beautiful dream without any meanings. It’s soo wrong. Appearing in your dream means that unicorns want to say something to you. I’ll help you figure out right now.

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Dreaming About White Unicorn

White unicorns want to say something related to purity or virginity. Perhaps you have found someone or something that have reminded you of your innocence. They could also suggest that your life is about to be more interesting.

Dreaming About Black Unicorn

Black unicorns warn you to be careful because you might make a mistake. It will be your fault and you’ll have to try so hard to fix it.

Dreaming About Blue Unicorn 

Unicorns want to congrats you as you found a faithful partner who will bring you prosperity and add fun to your life.

Dreaming About Golden or Rainbow Unicorn

Golden or rainbow unicorns notice you about kind of unexpected success you may reach in short- term. If you dream ‘bout them, your hard work is finally paid off.   

Dreaming About Baby Unicorn

Alert! Alert! Some opportunities might pass through your life or you might miss out on something important. Baby unicorns also warn you to take care of your children or kids you know. Please pay attention to everything if you meet baby unicorns tonight!

Dreaming About Flying Unicorn

Unicorns fly to you and bring you new things. They might be new relationships or new journeys. Unicorns hope you enjoy the fun times ahead as you might have the one who shares your moment or you might travel far away from your place.

Dreaming About Unicorn Horn

It’s not a good sign though. Dreaming of a unicorn horn being cut or by itself, suggests that someone you know may be in grave danger

Dreaming About Riding a Unicorn

No more hesitation because whatever you choose to do, you’ll be good at. However, you might ride unicorns so fast. As a result, you will focus on just final result without enjoying your wonderful journey and you might forget all useful experiences.

Dreaming About Attacking or Being Attacked by Unicorn

Definitely not a good sign! Serious problems are coming to you. You are about to tackle those problems whether you’re innocent or not. Be careful of people around you even someone from your inner trust circle!

Dreaming About Capturing a Unicorn

Capturing and putting a unicorn in a cage within the dream, reflects that you are driving people you love away with your selfishness. Perhaps give more freedom to the ones you love and trust them, by keeping them captive and taking away their freedom, you will end up losing the trust and love.

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