Unicorn meme: 10 ridiculous unicorn memes that will make you laugh

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Unicorn Meme - a trendy or catchy unicorn joke that everyone wants to share on the social media platform. If you're bored, those memes I listed below will definitely make your day! Are you ready for the first unicorn meme? Let's get started!

My girlfriend is like a unicorn, she isn't real

For FA community, trying to find a girlfriend/boyfriend is so hard that resembles something unreal. This meme reminds me of a funny story that I'm gonna tell you now:

Me: I want a magical unicorn for Xmas.

 Santa: Be realistic!

Me: I wish I have a girlfriend.

Santa: O...k. So what color unicorn would you like?

funny unicorn meme

All our dumb horns can do is glow, point toward the nearest rainbow and play rave music

best unicorn meme

Have you seen a lot of friggin' virgins lately?

unicorn meme for adults

Keep calm and poop like a unicorn

unicorn meme ideas

Lost Unicorn! If found please, stop doing drugs

funny unicorn meme

Me, 5 seconds after drinking a Unicorn Frappuccino

That's meeee! Remember when Starbucks made Unicorn-lovers crazy  The Unicorn Frappuccino in 2017? The drink was available only for a limited time but was sold out on most stores before its ending time.  

unique unicorn meme

I'm a unicorn and Imma let you ride my rainbow all night

best unicorn meme

If I catch rainbow, I'll get magical unicorn powers

best unicorn meme

Just doing a little classroom decorating

unique unicorn meme

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