Unicorn Gif: Selected Collection of 15 Funniest Unicorn Gif

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Unicorns and unicorn stuff can brighten your days instantly with its cute and lively look. So do unicorn gif. Here we give you a rich collection of funniest unicorn gif that sure will bring some smile to your face. You can use them anywhere, on your facebook post, in your chat with friends, in the unicorn forum you often visit. If they delight you, they will delight whoever you send them to too. These funny gifs can express all kinds of moods in the most exciting way. What’s more fun than watching adorable unicorns doing the most unexpected and cute things? Let’s have a look and take some to enrich your online conversation:

Unicorn gif set 1: Unicorn farting rainbow

Unicorn rocket ejects rainbow gas that’s totally environment-friendly. Better than any by NASA I guess :P

cute unicorn gif

Come on, we all want to know how it tastes;)

funny unicorn gif

For each beautiful rainbow that we’ve ever seen, some unicorn must’ve worked hard:D

Unicorn gif set 2: In a unicorn mood

unicorn gif transparent

This is how to show your excitement in unicorn way! Make use of your whole body!

unicorn gif

Or use your pretty rainbow-colored tail instead (if you have one, like this hippie unicorn:P)

unicorn gif free

“I’m cool and I know that”

“Wait, What? Ooops…”

unicorn gif

Oh yes, each and everyday for a unicorn lover:D

funny unicorn gif

“I feel over the moon like riding a unicorn”

unicorn gif happy birthday

The coolest way to celebrate your unicorn friend’s birthday!

unicorn gif

“Never underestimate my power! I’ll be your angel or demon in an instant”

Unicorn gif set 3: Crazy for unicorn day by day

unicorn gif free

Mood of any unicorn lover catching some cute unicorn stuff online (and realize it’s out of your reach:)))

interesting unicorn gif

And when your unicorn plush toy got delivered!

Unicorn gif set 4: I want to be a unicorn too:(

Awkwardly trying unicorn dance=))

cute unicorn gif

“Look at me! I’m a magical unic…….at!!!”

unicorn gif avatar

“I can fart rainbow too! Can’t you?”

Hope you have some fun with our gif collection. For more awesome unicorn gifs, interesting unicorn stories and gorgeous unicorn gifts, visit

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