Unicorn Beauty Trend: Top 5 Beauty Products for Unicorn Fans

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Unicorn beauty products have gradually taken the cosmetics world as one of the hottest trends. Their rising popularity is attributed to unicorn lovers’ flaming passion for everything inspired by unicorns. It, therefore, can’t be helped beauty product companies have finally ridden on this trend to appeal to the large market of enthusiastic unicorn fans.

To incorporate unicorn theme into the products isn’t a hard task at all. Rainbow, holographic color, iridescence, unicorn horns are all trademarks of unicorn stuff. Then, all you need to do is adding those features to the items and they will instantly have a magical touch of unicorns. Cosmetics company consequently have upgraded unicorn trend to the next level with sophisticated-looking products that can get any unicorn lover go crazy about. Let’s have a look at the trendiest beauty products that have taken the internet by storm recently.

Unicorn Beauty Product 1: Unicorn Makeup Brush Set

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This brilliant makeup brush set was one of the most talked-about unicorn items over the last year. Even now it is still among the most popular unicorn things. It's something every unicorn lover must have in their makeup pouch. The set contains 7 different brushes with different designs for each step of the makeup routine. The use is like any normal brush set. However, what makes it stand out is the gorgeous details of the handles, all inspired by unicorn theme.

You can see all famous unicorn features from the design. The glittering shiny look, the pink-blue ombre of the handles are perfect for the colorful style of unicorn lovers. Additionally, the brush bristles in deep purple on white background reminds us of flashy unicorn hair. On top of that, the shining golden details only make the item stand out more with its bold, daring look. No cosmetics product can make a stronger style statement for a unicorn lover than this unicorn-themed brushes. You can identify someone as unicorn fan right away seeing these items in their makeup set. Moreover, any user will be satisfied with the convenient handles and high-quality bristles that gives your skin a soft, delicate touch.

Unicorn Beauty Product 2: Unicorn Bath Bomb

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The bath bomb is no more a rare thing in shower experience of any cosmetics fan. Besides, adding a unicorn bath bomb to your shower is the best way for your body to absorb unicorn’s legendary magic. The producer, therefore, has captured the trend and give us many gorgeous bath bomb designs. This bath bomb is a mix of pink, purple and yellow fairy dust in the lovely shape of unicorn head. Firstly, drop the bomb into your bath. Slowly but surely, it will release your inner unicorn in the most gentle way. More than that, the bath bomb will give you a dreamy, sweet smell after each shower. It feels just like you were reborn as a beautiful unicorn.

Unicorn Beauty Product 3: Unicorn Survival Kit

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This adorable unicorn makeup survival kit will help unicorn lovers survive all long working days. The set includes a lovely pink bag, a highlighter and two unicorn tears lipsticks. The cute bag alone can delight any unicorn fan with its gorgeous look: 2 cute unicorns surrounded by little hearts and stars, all in classic hot pink. Contrast with bright pink theme of the bag, all items inside has sky blue color. The gentle, soft blue combining with luxurious golden cover creates a glamorous, elegant look for the set. This small bag can sure put you at ease through any long day and make any makeup routine a little more delightful.

Unicorn Beauty Product 4: Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

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This is the dream nail polish of unicorn fans all over the world. If you are still reserved over the idea of putting bold unicorn-themed color on your face, why not try out with your nails first. It will instantly make a statement for yourself while let you remain not too noticeably different. The nail polish comes as a duo with two different shades: violet-aquamarine hue and rose gold-pink combination, both with iridescence. In addition, it will make your unicorn dream come true with its magical color-changing effect. After you cure the gel polish, your nails will glitter, shifting from one color to other under the light. They look amazing like you are watching magic happening on your two hands.

Unicorn Beauty Product 5: Unicorn Highlighter Palette

unicorn beauty set

If you adore unicorn, and at the same time love highlighter just as much, this is THE ONE for you. The set only has three colors: electric pink, golden green and radiant rose gold (named “happyland”, “frolic” and “daydreamin’” respectively). However, these are among the most outrageous highlighters in the market for its bold, daring look, which are especially made for unicorn lovers. Just a few brushes over your cheeks and you are already the most eye-catching in the crowd. That might be all that unicorn fans wish more glow, more glitter, more colors. The highlighters contain high-quality opalescent pearl powder that can softly blend into your skin. It will surely satisfy any unicorn enthusiast with a healthy and shining look.

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