The best 5 Unicorn plush toys to keep your children entertained!

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Unicorns have always been a part of kid’s childhood, imagination, and dreams which are always magical and colorful. They maybe are the make-believe fantasy, but consider how television and books are now filled with magic and myths from the unknown, why not Unicorn? The beautiful Unicorn have been wandering around on my mind since I was a little kid and now my little girl seems can’t get enough of it.  Good news is this mystical creature is now around us all the time ranging from Unicorn food, Unicorn accessories, and clothes, to Unicorn décor, to keep our children company.

They are now of all sizes, appearances, and materials, but in general, they are there where we can see every day, to be our lovable friends.

We have gathered the whole range of the Unicorn plush toys that will cast a magical spell on any child with their flowing manes, glittery horns and sparkly hooves.

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19cm Purple Unicorn Plush Toy


Unicorn plush toys are said to be the best pillow pets ever to rest your head on, and this purple one is no exception. Made in purple, which is the trendy color of the year 2018, this unicorn plush toy with iridescent wings will guide your little baby to her magical dreamland. The eyes and little stars are embroidered to the body meticulously. Let your baby carry this little friend into his/her magical dreamland while holding it tight. This Unicorn toy with wings will keep your child entertained and decorate your place in your own style!

Black Eyed Soft Unicorn Plush Toy


Cute unicorn plush toy features big black eyes and colorful glittering details on its feet and horn. This little guy is like sitting there and staring at you with his glistening rounded eyes all the time. He has a soft white cotton fur that you are gonna just love to touch every day. Take a closer look on his hooves, horn, and ears, all of which were made of glittering rainbow fabric that will bring magic to your kids’ room. This toy is not only cuddly and ideal to hug, but also a lovely toy that your kids would definitely fall in love with.

25cm Cute Fat Unicorn Plush Toy


Being fat while still looking adorable is beautiful and that is what this fatty unicorn plush toy will be to you. Cute unicorn plush toy to entertain you in free time with its soft material and its lovely look. The white plush bodies are decorated with sweet pink in horn, cheeks, and tail that will make you fall in love with this plush toy. We would say no princess dream will be fulfilled without a beautiful unicorn sidekick. This one will be sure to make a perfect unicorn gift for children.

35cm Unicorn Plush Toy With Long Tail


This unicorn plush toy is so sweet! Her pink horn and her fluffy tail will definitely melt your heart. This majestic stuffed unicorn toy is incredibly smooth and lovable, which was used with all traditional unicorn colors such as pink and white to be made. What is more is his exotic legs which enables him to sit anywhere in your house to be a part of the Unicorn décor. Perfect unicorn gift that follows your children everyday and everywhere they go even in their sweetest dream!

Giant White Unicorn Plush Toy


Are your kids fed up with small Unicorns and interested in a true life size Unicorn instead? This unicorn plush toy will be your best friend every time you're going to sleep. This mystical creature which can guard your baby’s dreams so that no nightmare can intrude on them is sure to be a hit to your daughter of any age. Its adorable look with rainbow horn and wings and its soft material will satisfy all unicorn lovers. The toy is well-made and stands up to years of use which makes it the perfect unicorn gift for your beloved! This goes anywhere, super cute, loveable unicorn plush toy is sure to become baby's first best friend. But beware, babies may become attached to this unicorn gift and you may need a backup buddy.


Now, let’s turn to make DIY Unicorn Pillow at home with our video tutorial below. This adorable Unicorn pillow will add a magical touch to your baby or nursery’s room!

Supplies for Unicorn pillow making:

  •  White cotton
  • Rainbow colored yarn
  • Star-shaped Gold glitter Ironing
  • Polyester filling
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needle & thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron


  1. Click here to download your Unicorn pillow pattern:
  2. Tape the printed pieces together to form your unicorn shape.
  3. Use the needle to pin the pieces to your fabric, then folded in half, and then cut the fabric to create two unicorn shaped pieces.
  4. Use iron to stick the gold glitter iron-on to your unicorn pillow.
  5. Cut out the unicorn stars and eyes pattern onto the gold glitter iron-on, and then iron the stars and the eye on to the fabric.
  6. Nest, wrap strands of yarns around your hand, then take it out and sew the top as shown in the video to make the unicorn’s mane.
  7. Do this process again to finish the back mane.
  8. Pin the mane and tail pieces to the right side of your unicorn fabric.
  9. Pin the two unicorn shaped pieces of fabric together. Sew around the shape, make sure to leave a small hole at the top of the unicorn.
  10. Turn the unicorn right side out and stuff it with polyester filling.
  11. Finally, stitch the rest using a needle and thread.

 You are all set!

 Are you satisfied with all the choices of Unicorn toys we have given you? By choosing the right Unicorn toy for your children, their mood can be enhanced as they know they will always have a magical fellow besides. If you think your children are missing on a Unicorn in their toy box, take a look at these ones to find out what will bring joys and happiness to your beloved ones!

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