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When it comes to accessories, rings often rank among the most popularly used by people of different ages and backgrounds. Wearing a ring can not only add beauty to Unicorn clothes but also bring about luck to its owners, depending on patterns carved on it. A sterling silver unicorn ring is no exception to these dual benefits.

The concept of a sterling silver unicorn ring  

The unicorn was originally known as a fierce creature that lived in the furthest corners of the world. It has a stag’s head, an elephant’s feet, and a boar’s tail. Gradually, it has become the universal symbol of miracles and magic. As the gentlest and most peaceful beings, unicorns have the wonderful ability to connect humans with the highest realms so that we can achieve pure love, light, and healing. Since this species doesn’t belong to the real world, it can be linked to the human ability of astral traveling. That means we can go beyond our place of birth to explore and visit other worlds. As a result, the unicorn provides a huge source of motivation, travel, and movement.

Moreover, the color of unicorns is often described as pure white, which is indicative of purity, peace, perfection, and divinity. Seeing unicorns, we can be taught to develop a clear and comprehensive vision of desires and ambitions while having confidence that they will let miracles happen in our lives.

Therefore, when combined with sterling silver rings, the unicorn becomes a sign of good taste, making Unicorn accessories adequately enchanting and fashionable. With a horn well-known for its magical healing powers, this mystical creature is committed to matching with any of your outfits. It is widely believed that wearing such a ring can bring about good luck and power to its owners.

Sterling silver unicorn rings are available in different sizes and designs, which can cater to your diverse needs. They are suitable to be worn by both children and adults. In addition, they can make an ideal Unicorn gift for your beloved ones on special occasions like Valentine, Christmas, birthday, and so on.  

How to make a DIY sterling silver unicorn ring

Do you want to design a unique model of your own style? If so, making a sterling silver unicorn ring is like a piece of cake. Below are some simple steps that are rather easy to follow.

The ring base

  • Determine the size of the ring for silver’s trimming
  • Heat up the silver and cool it up
  • Hammer out the patterns for the silver respectively
  • Twist the silver and make it flat with a hammer
  • Weld up the 3 silver pieces of different patterns
  • Make the extra sterling silver into dots with heat
  • Weld the dots separately to two ends of the ring
  • Polish and hammer the ring to make it round
  • Put the ring into the specialized machine for washing.

The unicorn pattern

After completing the ring base, it’s now the time to make a unicorn. It is advisable that you should use polymer clay and paint to create any shape to your liking. They are easily found in any shop that sells handmade materials. Bake your unicorn and attach it to the ring base with the help of glue. Then, you have got a sterling silver unicorn ring totally made by yourself.

Check out the following video to get a thorough idea of making unicorn patterns:


Tips for a long-lasting sterling silver unicorn ring  

Take care during use

Regarding that silver jewelry is likely to tarnish without proper care, silver should be kept away from harsh household chemicals like bleach, ammonia or chlorine. In other words, try to avoid wearing silver rings when doing domestic chores or going for a swim. Otherwise, its polished look will be greatly damaged. Moreover, make sure to wear your jewelry last after putting on make-up and changing clothes. Chemicals used in cosmetics or fiber can leave their touch on delicate items.  

Clean carefully prior to storage

Sweat is inclined to spoil silver in the sense that it can bring about moisture, resulting in tarnishes on the surface. Thus, it is imperative that you wipe off sweat from the jewelry before putting it away in air-tight or anti-tarnishing wooden boxes. These kinds of boxes are designed to preserve your precious belongings for a longer time. Remember to never store it in an uncoated wooden box for fear that it will cause shine or color loss. 

Make use of anti-tarnish materials

It makes a great deal of sense to wrap your Unicorn ring with a soft cloth, for example, muslin, when you don’t wear it. Or else, tissue papers or anti-tarnish paper can come on as an appropriate replacement. They are useful in preventing unwanted discoloring and retaining the bright shine. However, the newspaper is by no means suitable in this case.

Prepare for separate storage

Under no circumstances should you keep different types of jewelry in the same box as Unicorn rings and Unicorn earrings. This is highly likely to increase the chance that your accessories get scratched and broken. Instead, each piece had better go to a separate box or secured container.

Put in activated charcoal or silica gel

If possible, find some activated charcoal or small silica gel sachets and store them along with your silver ring. These substances have a wonderful capacity to absorb moisture that you can take advantage of in tarnish prevention.

In case your sterling silver unicorn ring already gets tarnished, try to clean it instantly to prevent further tarnishing. One of the most common methods is to use a polishing cloth specially designed for silver cleaning. If the tarnish still doesn’t go off, let’s try a silver wash. In the worst scenarios, a jewelry store with specialized equipment is available to help you rid silver of tarnish. It is a wrong idea to use toothpaste and baking soda instead of polishing cloth. Both of them are abrasive enough to do greater damages to your accessories.


Generally speaking, a sterling silver unicorn ring often boasts its elegant design and profound significance that can certainly attract customers’ eyes at first sight. Make a purchase of this ring from a jewelry store or create it by yourself, and you will never be left behind the fashion.

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