5 Awesome Unicorn Costumes for Dogs to Turn Your Pet into A Unicorn

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Any unicorn lover surely dreams of their own unicorn pet. This seems like a far away dream as we haven’t seen a real unicorn yet. However, at least we can make one “unicorn” for yourself by dressing up your beloved pet with unicorn costume. We show you here some lovely suggestions and useful tips of unicorn costume for dogs.

1. Unicorn Onesies for Dog


Look at how lovely your puppy would look in this unicorn costume for dogs. Made of soft high-quality material, your dog would feel warm and comfortable in this outfit. The pink color adds a cute touch to the look.

What makes the costume stands out this the big unicorn head that looks like a hat for your pet. The golden horn with green hair on top of that will look even more fun when your dog is running around. This is the perfect item for anyone that always wants a unicorn as a pet for themselves.

2. Unicorn Horn Head Wear for Pet


Unicorn headband isn’t only the thing for kids or children. Look at how adorable this flower unicorn horn headband look on your pet! This headband brings out the cuteness of your dog and makes him/her an important member of your unicorn party.

You can even wear it for your pet on a usual day, for your daily strolling to show the world the love for the unicorn and for your darling puppy. It also makes your pet stand out and distinguish them from other dogs.

3. Unicorn And Stars Costume for Pet


You don’t even need a horn for a unicorn costume. That’s what makes this costume special when comparing it to other unicorn-shaped ones. Your dog might prefer this simple sleeveless coat over heavy, complicated designed unicorn costumes.

Even without horn and ears, this outfit is still irresistibly cute with unicorn pattern on a soft yellow background.

4. Warm Unicorn Costume for Pet


This is the perfect unicorn costume for dog in winter. The soft, thick clothing will keep them warm in cold weather.

In addition to the typical unicorn-shaped design with ears and horn, the bold purple color makes the costume stand out immediately. Two big, dreamy eyes highlight the cute look of your dog. Even the most fierce looking dog would look like a cute baby with this costume.

Special DIY Corner:


Special occasions like Halloween or your birthday party are the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with your pets. Making some fun unicorn costume for them and taking pictures to save in your album is a great idea!

unicorn costume for dog

This costume stands out with its rock star style. Your pet might or might not love it, but hey, look at how ridiculously adorable she/he looks in this unique outfit. What’s more awesome is you can make it yourself with just a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at our below tutorial!

a. Preparation:

The first step is always preparing necessary materials. What you need before making beautiful costumes for your pet includes: white fabric, iridescent plastic fabric, pipe cleaners of different colors, kraft paper, wadding and velcro, and other tools like thread, scissors, tape measure etc.. For white fabric, you might need around 1 yard, while ½ yards of iridescent fabric is enough.

b. Making patterns:

Time to get your hands on the material and start the real work! The first step is making the costume pattern. Draw and cut the paper with a shape similar to the below image. They need to fit your dog. Therefore, before drawing, wrap the paper around your dog and estimate the size.

You can also fold the paper in half to cut to make sure both sides are identical. Put it on your dog again and make the adjustment if necessary.

Pattern 1 is for the hood while pattern 2 is for the torso. In order to make the hood, cut 2 pieces of the white fabric in the shape of pattern 1, sew them together to create a hood that fits your dog’s head. Do the same with pattern 2 for the torso. Test the parts on your dog first to make sure they fit well. Then sew torso and hood together. The final product would look like this:

unicorn halloween costume for dogs

c. Making unicorn hair and horn:

The main parts are done! We move on creating little details of the costume to make it look like a true unicorn. Let’s start with unicorn hair. Estimate the location and length of the hair. Cut 2 long rectangular pieces of iridescent fabric, sew them in the middle of the hood and torso that you created. Next, cut them into small pieces to make a fringe-like shape, now you’ve done the shining unicorn hair for your dog.

unicorn horn for dog

Creating the horn might be the most tricky part. Cut 2 horn-shaped pieces of iridescent fabric and sew together both sides. Fill the horn with lots of wadding inside. Close the bottom with needle and thread.

Don’t cut the thread yet. To make spiral pattern that you often see on the surface of a unicorn horn, wrap the thread around the horn evenly from bottom to top. Finish by sewing the end of the thread to the top of the unicorn horn.

dog dressed as unicorn

d. Making unicorn ear, tail and finishing off:

Important details to complete a unicorn look are two unicorn ears. For each ear, cut 2 ear-shaped pieces of white fabric, and 1 similar piece (but with smaller sizes) of iridescent fabric. Sew 2 edges of the white fabric and glue the colored fabric on one side.

Do the same for the other ear. Next, create unicorn tail by making a hole at the back of the costume, putting several colorful pipe cleaners inside and keep them attached with thread.

Lastly, stitch ears and horn to the hood at a proper location. Unicorn horn is right before its hair while the two ears are symmetrically located at two sides.

We already got the perfect unicorn costume for dog! However, in order to put it on your dog without falling off, you need a string to hold the costume to your dog’s body. Make a few bands with iridescent material and velcro like below image. Attach them to the costume and you can easily put on or take off the costume on your pet!

unicorn dog halloween costume

Now, start the party and take the funniest photos of your dog with this newly made coat!


Hope you have some fun and many brilliant ideas with these adorable pet costumes :) For updates of trendiest unicorn clothing, unicorn jewelry, and unicorn gifts, visit our special shop for unicorn lovers here.

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