Unicorn Fashion Trend: Be A True Unicorn with Unicorn Hoodies with Horn

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Unicorn clothing is always a top hot item that any unicorn lover constantly updates for their wardrobe. A trend can come and go but unicorn hoodies with horn are always must-have items that you can wear all days, all year round. It’s not just a hoodie, but also a trademark for your unicorn style.

You can try with many other unicorn clothing pieces, like unicorn leggings, skirt, and other unicorn accessories like hat/necklace/bracelet to create a perfect unicorn look. Here we give you our selection of trendiest unicorn hoodies with a horn to refresh your look this season. Surely you can find THE ONE among these exciting suggestions.

1. I'm a Unicorn Hoodie


This women unicorn hoodie is the perfect item to make a statement for yourself. Featuring unicorn horn and ears, the unicorn clothing is made of polyester and cotton for endurance and comfort when wearing it. Don’t underestimate its simple design. The shirt is made of high-quality clothing material that suits any season. You will feel comfortable with it whenever going out.

On top of that, the plain, yet classy design, with just simple black words on white background “I’m a unicorn” is easy to mix with other clothing and accessories. You can wear it to school, to any casual meeting, even to the gym with flexible pants or leggings. This unicorn hoodie with horn is the easiest way for you to show your true unicorn style with its simple message.

It can also make an amazing gift for your unicorn lover friends. Show them your love by paying more attention to their hobby and interest. Any unicorn fan would love an item that can speak for themselves like this.

2. New Unicorn Hoodie with Horn


Why not turn yourself into a dazzling unicorn with this special unicorn hoodie? Its exclusive unicorn clothing design will give you a brand new look. Now this unicorn hoodie with horn is available in blue and pink for your free choice. Bright, eye-catching color is often considered a trademark of unicorn lovers. What’s more exhilarating that put on these colors and shout out your unicorn love to the world?

It does not only have a pretty color but also has high-quality clothing material that makes anyone feel comfortable. The key design here is the yellow unicorn horn on the top of the hood. It’s also decorated with 2 ears and 2 black eyes that adds a playful vibe to the hoodie. The big hood and long sleeve will keep you warm during cold weather.

This can make a perfect gift for your lady friend, especially if she is a unicorn fan. Even if she might be as enthusiastic about unicorn as you, the cute design can still charm anyone. The shirt definitely stands out in any meeting or party. It will speak for yourself instantly and catch attention of anyone from the first look. Who knows? You might unexpectedly make new friends with this look. Some fellow unicorn lover might come to talk to you as they recognize the same hobby/interest from your appearance.

3. Soft Multicolor Unicorn Hoodie with Horn


Lovely unicorn hoodie with horn with high-quality material and cute unicorn design. The gorgeous design of unicorn clothing will make you stand out instantly with its eye-catching look. What distinguishes this hoodie with all the rest is the pair of wings on the back. You do not only look like a unicorn but a true angelic unicorn!

The unicorn zip up hoodie can be comfortably worn both at home as a pajama and outside whenever you want to have some fun with your friends. This outfit will highlight your unicorn love, as well as your adorable look. You can make it as a cute gift for your friends and family members. They will absolutely adore this piece as a birthday gift.

Wear it together with soft, comfortable pants or shorts to complete a true unicorn lover’s look. If you want a perfect pajama, adding a pair of unicorn slippers might be a great idea! Bring out the inner unicorn inside you and make a strong personal statement for yourself with a full unicorn set.

4. Kids Unicorn Onesie Bath Robe Style


This kid's unicorn onesie is fashionable and very comfortable for your children. This type of unicorn clothing can be worn in any season for its convenient use. The fabric is very soft, the design is cute and the size is adjustable, what a perfect unicorn onesie for your kid after bathing. The lovely bathrobe has many sizes to choose from. You surely can select the one that suits your child perfectly.

Besides, we also offer adults size, so mom can also get one to match the outfit with the daughter. What’s more exciting than having the same pajamas? This is a way to strengthen your bond and create some fun, memorable experience for mom and daughter. Because this piece is specially made for bath and shower, you are guaranteed with ultimate soft, silky material that other clothing won’t have.

5. Kitticorn Cat and Unicorn Hoodie


Stylish women's unicorn hoodie that's specially designed for unicorn AND cat lover! If you are one of those that are crazy over these 2 cute animals, this is the perfect unicorn clothing item for you to show your unique love. This hoodie stands out with a unique design for the collar and the tight, long sleeve that creates great shape when you wear it. Perfect for the cold/cool weather in autumn and winter.

This hoodie not only shows your true style as a unicorn and cat lover but also helps you stay fashionable, casual yet stylish. You can choose your favorite color among many different options. You can wear it to school, to work, or any fun party and shout out your unicorn love to the world with this.


Have you got your THE unicorn hoodie for yourself with our various suggestions? Some useful unicorn tips in style from us: ladies with elegant, simple style can choose first and last options, while unicorn fans that love bright, striking colors can go with option 2 or 3. You can give your children a unicorn bathrobe they definitely would fall in love with it instantly. Get yourself a full unicorn look with our best collection of unicorn clothing, accessories, and jewelry at our website.

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