Unicorn Mugs That Might Make Your Friends Envy

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Unicorn mugs are among the most popular and well-loved gifts among unicorn lovers. The numerous unicorn gift ideas can create with just a simple mug is the important reason for their popularity.

Why does a mug make a simple yet perfect gift? First of all, a mug is a necessary item for everyone. People use it for basic need (drink - of course) and for decoration as well. It can also be a statement of a person. So a unicorn mug will show who you truly are and help you expose yourself without saying anything. If you are a unicorn lover, it's a good idea to treat yourself with a beautiful mug.

In Unicorn - Lovers Store, not only do you find the usual ceramic mugs, but you can also discover other unique ones such as changing colors mug or stainless steel mugs. These mugs come with the variety of different designs from adorable to normal and then punk looks. If you are a unicorn lover, it's a good idea to treat yourself with a beautiful mug. If your beloved is a massive fan of unicorns, get her/him one and make her/him happy. Let’s check out these bestselling designs that unicorn lovers are going crazy about.

1. Creative 3D Handpainted Ceramic Unicorn Mug


Never underestimate the power of unicorn whether it's in small or large shape. This ceramic unicorn gift comes with a gorgeous gold horn and the meticulously colorful hand-painted handle which is sure to make your day easier.

This lovely mug stands out with its little cute round shape and simple yet lovely painting of unicorn. The small design makes it easy to handle and perfect for the unicorn lovers that would love a little cup of coffee or tea each morning. This unicorn gift idea is also made for house decoration. You can easily put it in your living room, bedroom, on your bookshelf or window board to add an elegant vibe to your room.
So... you see that? Small thing but the function isn't that small. It can be a favorite coffee cup for you in order to start your day or be a silent friend who just stands in a corner of your house but still make you feel peaceful instantly. 

2. Stainless Steel Unicorn Mug



What a unique unicorn mug with the 3D design of rainbow unicorn emerging from the glass’ surface. Not just because of its material. You see no more ceramic here but a stainless steel mug features silicone cover outside. I have to say that the things creating this cup are quite relevant to how it looks. Instead of being a cute thing like the majority of unicorn cups, its style is bold and a bit mysterious. So made of stainless steel helps it keep the strong vibes and the silicone cover outside helps us - the Unicorn Fan Club  protect our hands. 

You can feel the accurate details of the design with every touch, from the soft pastel rainbow, the wavy hair of the unicorn to its sharp horn. This one-of-a-kind unicorn mug will bring a whole new experience for you as a unicorn lover. It is also a meaningful gift for your friends, especially who’s in love with this magical creature.

3. Changing Color Unicorn Mug



Another ceramic mug but you can feel the difference about it right? This mug stands out with an unusual shape of a unicorn head growing out from on side of the mug.

However, the most unique point of this design lies at the changing color of the unicorn hair. The color gradually shifts from deep purple to rainbow multi-color once the temperature suddenly changes. What’s more exciting than enjoying a hot cup of coffee while watching it changing its own color at the same time (although, to be honest, I couldn't focus on tasting beverage inside.:)))  I bet you can't stop filling things in it in order to see the colors change (Just like me :))) 

Changing unicorn mug

That’s why it is among our best-list of unicorn mugs. This can also make one of most surprising unicorn gift ideas to your friends who fancy cute dreamy things. They definitely would treasure this unique present.

4. " I don't believe in humans" Unicorn Mug



A colorful mug with a happy unicorn will light up your day. This Unicorn Mug will make every beverage a magical and mythical experience. The remarkable point of it is the design of the handle - standing unicorn leaning on the mug. I will be honest with you guys that some of you may feel inconvenient when handling it. However, I believe that you still love holding it while having some drink.

There are many reasons why this unicorn mug is one of the best-selling items in our store. It might be because of the bright colors, the smooth texture or a cool message “I don’t believe in humans” will attract attention immediately from everyone. What a lovely unicorn-themed item that can charm any unicorn fan from first sight. You can also place it in any room as a delightful decoration that can brighten your house’ atmosphere instantly.

5. 3D Ceramic Cartoon Unicorn Mug



This simple unicorn mug catches your attention for its raw yet creative look. The simple hand-painting looks like something your kid just randomly draws for his art class. It might not be a beautiful cup, however, the plain and unpolished look makes it stand out from tons of other printed mugs. You can't find anything that brings you familiar feelings like this. It's hard to describe but it's like a thing you create by yourself, a thing makes you feel home, a thing that naturally brings peaceful.

The mug is a perfect gift for unicorn lovers that are also fans of antique, hand-made items. The peaceful gaze of the unicorn can drive away all the stress and tiredness after a long working day. Not only adults, from little children to elders, everyone would love a simple, lovely gift like this.

With all our recommendations above, you definitely already get some inspiration of what might be THE ONE for you. For more unicorn gift ideas, jewelry, clothing,... check out our unicorn tips.

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