Magical transformation: How to make Unicorn horn for your horse?

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Unicorn is probably the most well-known yet somehow unknown creature that fascinates us most ever since. Somehow the magical Unicorn got you obsessed with its gorgeous colors of the rainbow, its shiny mane and beautiful glowing fur, didn’t it? In addition, the sparkly ones now can be seen anywhere as they have reached the trend peak and caused the fever that probably won’t come down. From Unicorn food recipes now available all over the online community to the DIY Unicorn things particularly instructed through videos or pictures on websites and all the fancy Unicorn clothes showing off Unicorn style, we are officially in the Unicorn era!

As we all know, Unicorns and horses must be the creatures that fill our mind with magic, boost our imaginations and show us many different perspectives of this way which allow us to be anyone we want: princesses, knights, fairies and so on. As Unicorn helps people escape from the confusing times of their chaotic lives to another fantastic and perfect place, they should be able to find the fondness for such adorable and magical creature.

Have you ever been fed up with your horse just looks like a horse and you want something more magical glow out of him/her? First, let’s examine your adorable horse a little bit, does he/she seem to be magical or special? Have you ever thought of being the proud owner of a mystical Unicorn in your wildest dream? If yes to both, then congratulations, you are in the right place! We are here to help you release the inner Unicorn of your horse easily.

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For your information, there is now some small business which helps to turn ponies and horses into Unicorns with their exclusive items. Just pick up those items for the transformation and read on our instruction to discover how you can turn your beloved horse to a Unicorn.  

How to make THE UNICORN HORN for your horse!

It is probably the major feature to tell a Unicorn apart from a horse! In order to have it, you may have some choices: buy one from the special online Unicorn stores or make a horn yourself!

For the unicorn horn, you have a couple options: you can either buy one or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make one yourself!

This below video will instruct you every detail that needed to be done to make a perfect Unicorn horn for your horse: 

There are now many types of unicorn horns available in stores which includes fabric horn, glass horns, plastic horns and they vary in sizes, colors, and designs. For example, if you have a small horse you may want to use a shorter horn than for a big one. Some of them may be embellished with beads or flowers. In general, you just simply tie the horn to your horse/s head or cheek piece. Just stick with the instruction and you will be good to go! 

Next, Clip-On Mane and Tail Extensions

These things are also available in Unicorn stores with variable sizes, colors and designs to choose from. They’ll make your Unicorn a more stunning look with flowing and shiny mane and tail in colors without having to dye them. It is also convenient since you will be able to put on different mane and tails kind on your beloved horse for different looks.  

You will also have color options. You can decide based on your horse’s coat color, mane, and tail, costume, or your accessories. Personally, I like to match the horse's coat color as it looks the most natural.

Safe Horse Dye

There is an option for your horse’s Unicorn costume which is dying its coat in color of your choice. This enables you to bring your horse a more glittery and magical look like a true Unicorn. You can shop for the dye on the internet and make sure it is safe for horses. Then just follow the instruction and voila, your Unicorn has arrived!

Glitter for Hoof and Body

If you still want something additionally sparkly for your Unicorn-to-be to let him shine, then consider using some cosmetic glitter for pets. Just ask the seller to be sure that it is safe for your horse before purchasing the product.

That’s it, just so simple to turn your beloved horse into a Unicorn, huh? After finishing the transformation, remember to take yours to the field and probably take some photos of him/her roaming around, then leave it at the comment to let us know you succeeded!


I'm a Unicorn Hoodie


This women's unicorn hoodie is the perfect item to make a statement for yourself. Featuring unicorn horn and ears, the unicorn clothing is made of polyester and cotton for endurance and comfort when wearing it. Unicorn hoodie with a horn is also trendiest item among unicorn followers.

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Metallic Unicorn Horn Headband


These headbands are excellent handmade materials and exquisite workmanship with about 9cm horn. These are the best dress up headband to cosplay for children. This adorable headband is perfect for unicorn birthdays or photos!

Rainbow Unicorn Plush Hat


The unicorn plush hat is made of soft cotton leaving your skin nice feeling. It features the unicorn head with horn and ears that will be a wow factor for the incoming Halloween! It will also make a great unicorn gift to any of your beloveds!

Bitch Please I'ma Unicorn Necklace


This unicorn necklace is a must-have item to highlight your outfit made of metal with the unique design. The unicorn jewelry is made of high-quality material with a detailed pattern. Grab one unicorn necklace and show your love to this magical creature today.

The Unicorn may be mythical and unknown but that does not define them childish. In fact, those magical ones have become the symbol of happiness, hope, and purity. The world is full of myths and secrets, we can’t tell anything about the authenticity of the unicorn. But after all, I believe that people didn’t just imagine a creature like that out-of-the-blue.

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