Kid Unicorn Gifts: How To Keep Them Always Clean

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Kid unicorn gifts like unicorn plush toys, stuffed animals, etc. are perfect birthday presents for your children. It’s important to keep unicorn stuffed animals always clean and safe for your children’s health. Washing and maintaining stuffed toys might not be an easy task for its fragile material. No worry, with just a few tips here you can make your precious unicorn stuff for kids clean and look like brand new. 

Let’s start with the most basic methods!

1, Surface-cleaning for kid unicorn gifts

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Let’s start with a soft brush or a simple dust cloth. Rub the cloth over the surface of your unicorn toy to remove visible dust and stain. Another effective option is vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, gently vacuum the toy from all sides while brushing its fur with a small brush. Notice not to use long-pile adjustment of the vacuum but a suitable brush for the soft and fragile fur of the kid unicorn gifts.

2, Spot-cleaning for kid unicorn gifts

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Removing the stain as soon as it appears is the ultimate advice if you want an immaculate piece of toy. Put a little of multipurpose, oxygen-based stain remover with warm water on the spot and gently rub the fabric. As soon as the stain disappears, rinse thoroughly with water. Blot it with a clean piece of cloth or let it air-dry. Your stuffed animal would look like when you just bought it with no trace of food.

3, Washing machine

a. First of all, read the instruction label:

Make kid unicorn gifts clean

Washing your unicorn plush toys might be a time-consuming task that you’d rather have it done quickly by your washing machine. However, the washing machine's hard spins can easily damage a lot of stuffed animals. Read the instruction on the label carefully before deciding on proper washing method. In general, the following types of toys need to stay away from machine-washing:

  • Kid unicorn gifts with the music box inside
  • Very old kid unicorn gifts with fragile connecting joints
  • Toys with plastic/sequin details that are easy to fall off
  • Toys with delicate permanently sewn clothing

b, Prepare your unicorn before washing with machine

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Have a quick look over your toy to see if there’s any loose stitches or fragile sewing that might be broken. Pick up thread and needle and roughly fix it before letting the kid unicorn gifts get washed by the machine. In addition, remove any removable attachment like clothes, accessories etc. from the toy just in case they might get crushed.

c, Important notice during washing kid unicorn gifts

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Protecting your toys with a mesh laundry bag is the safest and most effective way to protect the toys. If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag, an empty pillow case works just fine, secure them with safety pins before throwing into the machine. Keeping your kid unicorn gifts in the secured bag can avoid any risk of damage from the rough spin of the washing machine.

It’s also important to think of what detergent to use. A delicate liquid detergent that is suitable for washing fur and also children-friendly might be what you need. Besides, choose a proper setting for washing to reduce the impact on your unicorn soft toys. A delicate cycle with warm or cool water is the perfect choice here. Don’t wash your toys with hot waters as it might dissolve any glue causing pieces to fall off.

4, Handwashing

a, Hand-washing with warm water

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Hand wash is probably the most simple and obvious method to wash your kid unicorn gifts. Don’t just try to clean only the visible spots, as the stain might have penetrated deep inside especially the long-existing ones.

Put into a sink of cold water a cup of delicate detergent. Strong detergent can easily discolor or damage your stuffed toy’s material. Fully immerse the toy into the mixture and rub it gently and thoroughly. Pay more attention to the stains and moving joints, as they are where the dust is most easily stuck in. Finally, rinse off carefully with lots of water, any residue of soap can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

b, Dry-washing with baking soda

how to wash unicorn plush

Baking soda is well-known for a long time as a natural, harmless and effective method to clean sensitive materials. It absorbs oil from the toy’s fur and gives them a fresh scent. Just a small spoon of baking soda is enough to wash a little kid unicorn gifts as clean as brand new. Just cover all sides of your unicorn with a light coating of baking soda, wrap the toy tightly with a plastic bag and shake vigorously. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before unwrapping it and wipe off the powder thoroughly. Use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner with hose attachment just like when you surface clean the toy.

5, Keep your kid unicorn gifts away from the dryer!

An important notice when drying the stuffed animals is don’t use the dryer! The strong heat might damage the fur and distort the toy’s shape. Hang them on a clothesline in a warm/cool temperature and avoid direct sunlight that might cause the color to fade. Make sure the inside and outside both dry properly, as mildew might grow in humid condition and harm your kid’s health. Finally, a hair dryer might also be used, low heat setting is suitable to dry the fragile fur.

6, Maintain your toys and wash them regularly

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Washing your toy isn’t everything. These kinds of kid unicorn gifts are so easy to catch dust, if possible every 2 weeks for the ones that your kid sleeps everyday. Besides, you can surface-clean them more often, and spot-clean whenever some dirt is visible. Sometimes, the impurities lie deep inside the inside material so changing the stuffing might be the solution. Open the side seam and refill with a clean new stuffing that’s harmless to your kid.

With all the methods mentioned above, your beloved unicorn toys can stay clean and new for a very long time. These animals are not only “toys” of the children but also their BFF that interact with them everyday, isn’t it nice to have them always look as good as new?

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