How To Make An Origami Unicorn (Part 2)

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Unicorn toys will easily make any unicorn lover’s day better. It’s even better when you can create something with your own hands. Origami might be a fun creative that you might want to enjoy with your family, especially your children.

Here we introduce you one of the most popular unicorn origami that you can make by yourself with just a few steps. Not only you, this guide is easy enough so even small children can do it themselves with a little help from you. Let’s start now!

1. Preparation:

Preparing the necessary material is an essential step for you to start anything. Getting everything ready for on the table will make the making process much more convenient. What you need is only a piece of colorful square paper. It’s better to choose high-quality ones like the pic below.

Paper with beautiful, sophisticated pattern will create the most gorgeous unicorn for you. The size of the paper depends on how big you want your unicorn to be. We recommend at least a 20x20cm piece of paper so you can make small accurate details easily. After getting a proper paper, it’s time to get your hands on the process. Let’s follow our instruction to make the best unicorn decoration for your room.

2. DIY process:

Fold the square paper in half 3 times. One along the horizontal line, one is perpendicular to it, and the last one is folded diagonally.

Fold the paper in half again, along the diagonal folded line. Notice that the pattern side is facing out 

Pull two acute angles of the triangle inside. The folded line would be the same line as the ones we created in step 1. We got a square piece with the size as large as a quarter of the original paper.

The final shape would look like this

Pull one flap up and open it like below

Then flatten it like above. There are 4 flaps in total. Do the same for the rest. We got something like this:

We proceed by flip the paper upside down. Fold two edges of the flap to the middle.

Fold the paper in half so that the bottom corner touches the top


Unfold the previous steps and pull up the middle part

At the same time, pull inside two edges, flatten it. It will end up looking like this:

Then pull the small triangle upward. Flatten. Flip the paper upside down. We got something like above

Open other flaps and for each flap, repeat the process of the last 6 pictures. The final product would look like above.

Separate the flaps so that each side has the same number of flaps (4 flaps each). Then cut the below part right in the middle (at the black line drawn in the picture above). It would look like this:

Turn the paper upside down.

From here we start making little details of unicorn like unicorn head, unicorn tails, unicorn legs etc. First is the unicorn tail. Open the flap at the right side. Fold the top right part so it would look like this:

Now you finish the unicorn tail!

Do the same for the top left part for the unicorn head. Notice to make it significantly smaller than the tail

We proceed with the unicorn tail. Open the tail, then fold two edges of the tail to the middle like this:

Fold the tail in half again for it to look like this:

Bend the unicorn tail in other direction:

We keep going with the head. Open the head. Put scissors inside and cut the layers way up from the tip of the head.

Pull the part we just cut upward to create a little unicorn horn

Pull the tip of unicorn head downward

The figure ends up looking like this:

Pull up the small triangles at both sides of the unicorn. It would look like the below image:

We continue with creating unicorn legs. Fold unicorn legs up horizontally like this.

Now we see the two little triangles behind the legs that you just made. Hide them by fold them up and tuck underneath.

Make the legs smaller by folding them in half from the tip of the legs.

Fold a part of the leg downward like below:

When you finish the item would look like this:

Now fold down the triangle at the back of the unicorn. Then hide the tip of each triangle by fold the tip of them inside. We got something like this

Now we already got a perfect unicorn that’s ready to stand on your table! Make as many unicorns as you like.

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