Unicorn Horn Nail Art: Top Trend Designs for Unicorn Lovers

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Unicorn horn nail art is the latest enchanted trend among unicorn lovers. Putting these exotic horn design will instantly make a strong statement for your unique personal style. The unicorn horn nails are where sparkle meets pastel colors to create a magnificent result that any unicorn-obsessed fan can go crazy about. The magical unicorn horn, not only unicorn, is the essential part of this daring and glittering design. The unicorn horn inspired manicure features pointy nails in sparkly holographic polish. Creating this masterpiece might be difficult and require some complicated process. Yet, it doesn’t stop us from admiring and fancying over these dazzling arts. We bring out here the trendiest horn nail designs with few making tips that you can try out yourself.

1. Unicorn horn nail from the acrylic paste

unicorn horn nail

This gorgeous nail art features some plain pastel pink nails, some holographic colored nails, and outstanding unicorn horn design we are talking about. This is perfect nail art for ladies with cute, adorable girlish style. They love some eye-catching unicorn sparkle yet still want to remain simple and elegant with their nails.

Despite the complicated look, creating the unicorn horn might be easier than you think. First, coat your nail with a gel base. You can paint a layer of gel polish if the design requires. Then pat acrylic into your nails in diagonal stripes with a nail art brush. As a result, the stripes will emerge from the nail surface to create 3D unicorn horn shape. While the texture is still tacky, put on your favorite color to get your dream unicorn horn design. You can apply holographic powder, or a glittering pastel color to get your unicorn horn a touch of magic. Finally, finish with a gel top coat on your nail to keep this masterpiece last. Now you can show it off to your friends and get them envied over this wonderful nail art.

2. Unicorn horn nail from gel polish

beautiful unicorn horn nail

This shining design will make you stand out instantly with its shining colorful look. It has main color of pink, but glitters with green, yellow and many other colors like the rainbow under the sun. With these bright color, this eye-catching nail set will catch attention of anyone immediately in the crowd. What a perfect look to refresh yourself and wow all your friends. Hesitate no more, put your hands on colorful gel polish and get it done in an instant.

The first step is always to prepare your nail with a layer of gel base. Put on gel polish on the gel base coat. Then, use a nail art brush to paint stripes of gel polish, creating the shape for emerging unicorn horn on your nail. After getting done with all the stripes, cure them. Repeat the process with many layers of stripes, you will get the bumpy texture as in the picture. At last, cover everything with gel top to protect the design. How does it look? You definitely will get surprised at yourself for creating these gorgeous iridescent nails on your own. All left is to stun your friends and family with this brand new look.

3. Unicorn horn nail from builder gel

unicorn horn nail

Get your nails this charming dazzling look and stand out in an instant as a true unicorn fan. Nothing is more fascinating for a unicorn lover than trying out all exotic unicorn things. The world has seen unicorn costume, unicorn accessories, unicorn makeup, but nowadays, unicorn nail art (unicorn horn nail in particular) is the true rising trend. Therefore, keep yourself in style with new unicorn horn nail set made with builder gel. Together with acrylic paste and gel polish, they are the most common ways for unicorn enthusiasts to create their trademark unicorn horn nails. Start to make your own with our fun tutorial.

Covering your nails with a gel base is always a must. This is the important beginning step. Proceed with painting a layer of gel polish to create a base of your favorite color. With 2 above methods, you use nail art brush. However, builder gel requires a metal nail art tool with a small ball bearing tip. Pick up builder gel with the tool and meticulously draw diagonal stripes of unicorn horn. Then cure them in LED or UV in 1-2 minutes. In order to get the desired 3D effect, you can put on as many layers of stripes as you want. Finish the design with gel polish on top! In addition, to make your nails look smoothest, paint the top coat diagonally along the stripes you created. Your nails would stand out the most anywhere you go.

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