Transforming yourself to a Unicorn with these 5 Unicorn hats!

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Although Unicorns had appeared so early in the Mesopotamian artworks that still remain until today, they have always been dominating the world by their beauty, pureness, and magic. That gorgeous creature will always steal your heart with his pointed, long and spiraling horn on its forehead and the smooth and wavy mane on its neck. As time goes by, Unicorns are said to symbolize pureness and innocence, they are becoming a phenomenon attracting all ages. The fantasy creature even fascinates adults although it has always been questioned about its authenticity.

It does not matter you love the Unicorn trend or not, you must have noticed that Unicorn things ranging from Unicorn clothes, accessories, and Unicorn décor and so on are popping up literally everywhere you go. The heat has also spread to kids when they started making Unicorn toys and such playthings are now taking over the list of best selling products for 2018.

If your children and even you have gotten swept up by the Unicorn fever, this article is certainly what you are looking for. We have collected some Unicorn hats for both children and adults which will be sure to rock your Unicorn style. And also, the best part of this is a step by step guide on making a Unicorn hat for your kids! 

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Collection of Unicorn Hats for Adults and Kids 

Rainbow Unicorn Plush Hat


Autumn is coming and your kids may need something to cover and keep warm for their head. We have narrowed the choices to this Rainbow Unicorn Plush hat. It is made of soft fleece leaving your kid’s skin nice and warm feeling. It features the unicorn head with horn and ears with 2 flaps and rainbow pom-poms hanging over your shoulders that will be a wow factor for the incoming Halloween! Also, it is perfect for use as a group hat for girls’ parties or accessory to your photoshoots. It will also make a great unicorn gift to any of your beloveds!

Blue/Pink Unicorn Hat


This unicorn that will add more fun to your outfit or your party! Made of soft cotton, the hat features the unicorn head with yellow horn and embroidery big blue eyes. It also includes a neck pillow so that you can rest your head while still channeling your inner Unicorn. Therefore, you can bring this little guy along with you on the long trip to keep you company and make the best pillow to rest on. Your heart will definitely melt with this item! This hat is definitely for someone who is absolutely into the magical horned horse and is not afraid to show their passion.

Plush Earflap Unicorn Hat


If you are looking for something fun to match with your outfit, you are in the right place. The hat features a Unicorn with rainbow mane which can go along with any of your outfits. Apart from the Unicorn head with magical horn, this hat has its flat lengthened to become the scarf with 2 pockets at the end to keep your head, your neck, and your hands warm while still being mystically trendy and lovable in the cold days. Inspired by majestic unicorns, this unicorn gift will bring the heat and bring the joy! Why don’t you share this with your Unicorn-fellow right away?

Cartoon Unicorn Horn Winter Hat For Kids


Searching for a Unicorn is hard, so is finding the right hat for kids! But here we are! These unicorn hats for kids with a golden horn is unique and fashion design. It was handcrafted out of soft, breathable & stretchy fabric for comfort. Imagine that lustering gold horn being put on your baby’s head to turn her into a real magical unicorn! The accessory is now available in red, blue, pink and white of your choice. Made of soft cotton which is extremely soft and comfortable, it is a perfect unicorn gift for your children because they are gonna love these lovely things. Get yours today!

Cartoon Unicorn Winter Hat with Scarf


Introducing our newest knitted Unicorn hooded hat along with scarf for both adults and children in the winter. This seasonal hat is adorned with a horn, two ears and rainbow mane which were hand-knitted out of the best quality wool. This Unicorn Hat for Adults and Kids is not only an ideal gift in the cold winter months but also a fun touch to your outfits which will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one’s face! Pockets on the end of the Unicorn scarf will keep your hands warm because nobody should be cold when they are boasting their inner unicorn.

Are the Unicorn accessories above enough for you? Or are you still looking for more Unicorn products to rock your style? If so, then keep looking! Our Unicorn Lovers Store has plenty more products which may satisfy you!

DIY Unicorn Hat for Kids

And as we promised, we are about to bring up the Easy Unicorn Hat for Kids making tutorial for you to make hats for your little ones!

Now, make sure you have all these materials with you before starting to make magic!

  1. A cap
  2. Colored felt fabric – more than 6”x7” to make the horn.
  3. Gold cording – Long enough wrap around the horn.
  4. Polyester fiberfill – To fill up the horn
  5. Hot glue gun and glue
  6. A scissor
  7. Embroidery floss and a needle
  8. Printable stencil for the Unicorn’s eyes, eyelashes, mouth, and horn.
  9. Download and print the stencil and then pieces out on the paper. Put them on the fabric as samples and cut the fabric along the trace line.


- Now, put glue on the Unicorn mouth pieces and stick them to the cap.

- Next, gather the Unicorn eyes pieces and stick them together to make the complete eyes. Then begin to stick them on the cap as shown in the video. Make sure to glue them in the right order and differentiate eyelashes and eye pieces.

Recognize the adorable Unicorn face on the cap yet? We are almost there!

- Okay, time for the magical horn! Fold the horn piece in half so this side can join with the other long side. Then use needle and floss to sew a line along the edge. Turn the horn right side out. After that, stuff Fiber Fill into the horn until it feels nice and plump.  Be sure to fill all the way to the top of the horn. Then wind the cording around the horn and sew it into the cap.

- Cut the Unicorn mane out of the felt fabric and sew it into the cap, and we are set!

This is an easy and fun Unicorn cap to make! We hope you guys enjoyed this!

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