Top 8 Headbands/Hats with Unicorn Horn and Ears This Summer

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Summer is the perfect time for you to put on the most fashionable items and show the world your best style. People often pay more attention to unicorn clothing, yet unicorn accessories like headbands, hats, shoes, belts are essential for creating a complete look too.

Unicorn accessories are must-have items for unicorn lovers to make a statement for themselves. Here we introduce you to the hottest headbands, hats, and wigs with unicorn horn and ears that might give you some helpful styling ideas.

1. Rainbow Wig with Unicorn Horn and Ears



The unicorn wig in rainbow colors that is adorned with the silver/gold unicorn horn and ears will make a perfect addition to your outfit this Halloween!

This special wig is guaranteed with high-quality material and a striking color combination that can surprise anyone at first look. A strong mix of all bright colors: blue, orange and purple will create a bold look. However,  glittering gold unicorn horn and ears add a playful and cute vibe to the overall style.

This is a must-have item for any party of unicorn lovers. Our cool unicorn ladies can easily show off their personal, unique style and stand out immediately in a fun party with this eye-catching look.

2. Cartoon Unicorn Horn and Ears Winter Hat For Kids


This unicorn hat for baby with a golden horn is unique and fashion design. Made of soft cotton which is extremely soft and comfortable, it is a perfect unicorn gift for your children because they are gonna love these lovely things.

There are many different colors for you to choose from. Each unicorn lover can choose the color that suits them best. The light pink like in pictures are perfect for more elegant and girly style, while bold colors including black, red are for girls that love a more flashy, eye-catching look.

The soft material from 100% cotton makes it comfortable to wear it all day. The golden unicorn horn and cute small ears are the key points of the design. Let’s make your kid an adorable unicorn with this simple item!

3. Rainbow Unicorn Plush Hat


The unicorn plush hat is made of soft cotton leaving your skin nice feeling. It features the unicorn horns and ears that will be a wow factor for the incoming Halloween! You can easily make a surprise in any event with this unique look.

The colorful fur decoration with purple, yellow and blue stands out on the pure white background. You can match it with an outfit of the same color to create a one-of-a-kind eye-catching look. The long tail over your two ears would keep your head and ears warm in cold weather. Give it to your unicorn lover friend as a present, he/she would definitely be excited about this lovely gift.

4. Blue/Pink Unicorn Hat


This unicorn hat will add more fun to your outfit or your party! Made of soft cotton, the hat features a unicorn head with yellow horn and embroidery big blue eyes. Your heart will definitely melt with this item! On top of the comfortable material, the design of a neck pillow attached to unicorn hat is the most unique feature of the item.

You can bring it everywhere, at home, in the workplace, on the airplane. It will serve as a perfect pillow that your head and neck can rest on. What’s more relieved than leaning on a soft cushion after long hour working? This product can be at the same time a fashionable hat for any unicorn lover.

5. Plush Earflap Unicorn Hat


This Unicorn Earflap Hat is an ideal gift for any unicorn-lovers which may keep their ears, hands and head warm or can also be used as a scarf in their style in the cold days. Inspired by majestic unicorns, this unicorn gift will bring the heat and bring the joy.

Unlike other unicorn hats, this one stands out with unique hair on the back of the hat. You would look like a true unicorn with this item. Made of pure cotton with soft fur on the surface, the product will make anyone wearing it a soft, comfortable feeling. The big size makes it suitable to wear in winter.

Let’s bring out this look and show the world your love for the magical unicorn with this adorable hat.

6. Creepy Latex Unicorn Head Mask


The unicorn head mask is made of durable latex to ensure the realistic look. The unicorn head mask would definitely be a wow factor for anyone when you wear it. Halloween is coming soon, but the mask can be used for any occasion! If you’d like to make an exciting surprise that makes all your friends scream, this is perfect stuff. The design which looks so real is the selling point of this item.

7. Floral Unicorn Headband


The floral headband with unicorn horn and ears is sure to make you stand out from the crowd as a beautiful and magical unicorn. You will be the highlight of her own party in your own way! This plastic headband features shining blue horn, surrounded with colorful flowers on a pure black main background.

The item can not only be used as a party thing but can also be part of a costume with a theme. Matching it with a blue, or pink dress, you might get an unexpected, uniquely cute and girly style. Your kids would definitely love this adorable decoration on their hair.

8. Gold/Silver Magical Unicorn Headband


The glittery unicorn horn headband would definitely make your girl stand out from the crowd while demonstrating her inner self!

The horn is optional to choose between gold and silver color! The shining golden details on unicorn ears and horn easily are the main points of the design. Those shining colors combining with pink background create an irresistibly cute look for the children. The item will surely make the best unicorn gift in the world for your dear girls.

With all the recommendations above, you surely already can choose the ONE headwear for yourself, or for your friends and family members. Such things are not just trivial decorations but can show your true trademark as a passionate unicorn lover.

Bring out the unicorn inside you with our inspiring ideas and suggestion in unicorn tips. You can also visit our shop to get constantly updated about one-of-a-kind unicorn-themed products.

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