Unicorn Gift Idea: Top Magically Inspiring Handmade Unicorn Gifts

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Unique unicorn gift idea of handmade gift is the best way to make a strong personal statement for a unicorn lover. It also makes an unforgettable present for your friends and family, especially those who are also unicorn fans. Who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind gift with a personal touch from their close friends? It would show how much you care for the other person’s interest, and you are willing to invest time and effort to search for best gifts for them. Handmade unicorn items are not rare anymore, but not everything is truly unique and stand out.

Let’s check out with us the most wanted handmade gifts among unicorn lovers at the moment. You surely can get yourself some inspiration from these majestic unicorn gift ideas.

Unicorn Gift Idea 1: Gorgeous Handmade Unicorn Pillow

unicorn gifts for girls

Any cute lady, or even children, can never resist from the beauty and delicacy of this pillow. She looks like a sleeping princess waiting to be waken up. The soft cotton material makes sure it safe and gentle for the kids. The pink color makes it instantly adorable to anyone. Bring it to your bed and this sleeping unicorn can naturally bring you to a good sleep, with the magical dream about unicorn world. All the details are carefully stitched by hands. The lace, the cloth, the pillow filling are all of highest quality. This is also a perfect decoration item for your bed or sofa, especially if you are a pink girl with all-pink themed bedroom or living room.

Unicorn Gift Idea 2: Unique Unicorn String Art

unicorn gift ideas

This sophisticated unicorn string art will add a unique vibe to your room instantly. The item is totally handmade with great details. You can put it in your own bedroom, or in living room to impress your guests. This piece of art will make a strong personal statement for yourself as a unicorn lover. It is also a lovely unicorn gift idea for any friend who likes unique vintage style or is interested in handicrafts. The bright color of white, purple, pink, orange and yellow will stand out in any place. The adorable unicorn will charm anyone from first sight with its colorful dreamy look.

Unicorn Gift Idea 3: Simple Purple DIY Unicorn Bookmark

handmade unicorn gift

This might be the cutest bookmark ever for a unicorn lover. Don’t underestimate its simple design. Nothing is more delightful than being accompanied by a lovely unicorn through every page of your favorite book. Whenever opening the book, the unicorn will always be there like it is waiting for you. A colorful, glittering tassel will add a bright, lovely vibe to the bookmark. This unicorn gift idea will surely bring a smile to anyone, especially who love reading and the mythical unicorn. The bookmark is also a thoughtful gift for your friends or family members. You can even make this bookmark yourself in as many colors as possible, inserting in all your books, as the design is so easy to make. The unicorn will make your reading experience more exciting than ever before.

Unicorn Gift Idea 4: Lovely Unicorn Party Box

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This pretty unicorn box will light up your unicorn party immediately with its cute look. It is a lovely unicorn gift idea to serve all your guests tasty food in a party. And you can make it in an instant with just a little time and preparation. All you need is unicorn templates downloaded on the internet and plain party boxes you will use for the party. Just print the templates in colored paper and stick them on the white boxes like in pictures. Look at the magical final product after just a few simple steps! Repeat the process and make as many boxes as your number of guests. You don’t want anyone to miss getting this adorable food box!

Nobody can resist staring at this beautiful item. This will bring a smile to their face, and leave a happy memory in their heart when they leave the party. A little item, yet it can show your personal style in an exquisite way.

Unicorn Gift Idea 5: Girly Handmade Unicorn Leather Key chain

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This handmade unicorn keychain is the ultimate girly gift. You can attach the item to your keys, your purse or luggage. And it will instantly add a cute vibe to them, just like how unicorns brighten up everything in life with their ethereal beauty and power. The simple, delicate look suits everyone, from children to adults. Children can bring it to school with their bag or pen case, and adults can take it everywhere along with their wallet or phone. You can buy many keychains and make it matching items with your beloved. In any way, this cute item will easily stand out with its lovely look. Don’t hesitate anymore, this is the simplest unicorn gift idea to show your unicorn trademark to the world.

Unicorn Gift Idea 6: Classic Unicorn Notebook

unicorn gifts for her

Make your daily life a little more magical with this unicorn gift idea. This is just a normal notebook, but what makes it stand out is the magnificent unicorn on the cover. The notebook is the perfect addition to any unicorn lover’s book collection. It will bring you some delight whenever you need to write down something, either a doodle, a letter, a to-do list or simply some reminder. It’s a handy item that you can easily bring along anywhere, anytime. Just looking at the unicorn can make you relieved and inspire inside your mind some brilliant idea. It also makes a meaningful gift for your beloveds, especially your parents who might love a daily reminder notebook.

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