Unicorn Hats for Adults and Kids Collection to Refresh Your Style

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Unicorn hat is one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement for yourself as a true unicorn fan. This item is so popular we got so many designs to choose from: unicorn hats for adults, for kids, unicorn hat with paws, unicorn paper hat, unicorn knitted hat etc. We pick out the best item of each type and offer you here a rich collection of unicorn hats that can give you some brilliant style ideas.

Plush Earflap Unicorn Hat for Adults


This exotic unicorn earflap hat will make you stand out instantly with its unique look. Made of high quality, soft material, this hat can be worn all day long without making who wears it feel uncomfortable. The main point of the design includes shining yellow horn, two pink ears and colorful hair spreading from the top of the head to the neck. There are two long ear flaps that cover well your ears and can be used as a convenient scarf in winter. You would look like a fluffy unicorn with this unicorn hat for adults.

This can also make an amazing gift for your friends and family members. Even if they are not as much enthusiastic about unicorn as you, they would still love a cute design like this. The item can mix well with any outfit so you can be confident about putting it on and shout out your love for the unicorn to the world.

Cartoon Unicorn Hat For Kids


Imagine how beautiful your baby would look with this lovely unicorn hat for kids. Made of soft and elastic cotton, this hat will fit your kid’s head perfectly without irritating their sensitive skin. The cute design will catch the attention of anyone immediately. With a soft pink color and two lovely white ribbons next to 2 small ears, this will highlight the adorable look of your child. The glittering golden horn makes the hat stand out from the crowd immediately. You can spot your child right away with this eye-catching horn.

Wear it together with a pink outfit for your kid, you can get the most adorable look ever. Your children will be over the moon with this lovely gift, especially if they also adore unicorn like you. Besides soft pink, there are many other colors such as blue, back, red etc. You can freely choose the one that suits your child’s interest. Girls often love bright colors like pink, red, while boys prefer darker ones like black, grey, blue. We are sure they would look cute in any color.

Colorful Unicorn Backpack (Removable Hat)


The most sought-out unicorn item among teenage girls. This product is a set of unicorn removable hat and a school bag decorated with fur. The item is inspired by the unicorn, with distinctive details such as iridescence, unicorn ears and unicorn hair that can make you a true unicorn in an instant.

With an awesome cosmic display of rainbows and holographic qualities, this unicorn backpack is available in our store with a removable hat or non - removable pattern for your choice. The item is sure to make you stand out and also be the perfect unicorn gift for your unicorn-lover fellows.

Cartoon Unicorn Winter Hat with Scarf


This Unicorn Hat With Scarf is an ideal gift for any unicorn-lovers which may keep their ears, hands and head warm or can also be used as a scarf in their style in the cold days. Inspired by majestic unicorns, this one will bring the heat and bring the joy and make a beautiful unicorn gift for your friends!

The item is perfect for the cold or cool weather where you need a small scarf to keep your head warm. Made of natural wool all knitted by hand, this is a unique item that will make you stand out immediately in the crowd. Two pockets on the side also make your 2 hands always feel warm.

The colorful frills on the head create beautiful hair for the unicorn design. It makes you stand out instantly and add a cool, bold vibe to your style. The gray unicorn horn completes a true unicorn look. This hat-scarf combination can be used both for adults and children, a heart-warming gift that will delight anyone.

DIY corner:

Getting bored with all the typical unicorn hats sold in the store? Time to get your hands on some DIY project and create some lovely unicorn hat for kids on your own. With just a few simple steps, you can create these adorable hats by yourself and make them beautiful gifts for your children. They might jump with excitement when receiving these handmade gifts all done by you with care and love.

unicorn hat with paws

1. Preparation

We start with preparation as usual. What you need includes a white, plain cap, lots of plastic flowers in different colors, glitter foam sheet, felt in white and pink color, stuffing or wadding, printer paper and SVG files for unicorn eyelashes. You also need other tools such as hot glue gun, needle, and thread to complete the process. Now we can proceed with doing the real thing out of these materials.

2. Making unicorn horn and ears

First of all, draw a pattern of unicorn horn and ears on printer paper. Another method is to print the pattern from the internet, the printable ones might look neater than what you draw. Cut the unicorn horn, trace it onto the foam sheet and cut it out of the sheet. Do same with the unicorn ears on the white and pink felt.

Roll the horn into a cone shape and hold the edges together with hot glue. Fill the horn with soft stuffing, glue the bottom together so the stuff won’t fall out. Now the horn is ready to be attached to your hat. Sew it right in the middle of the hat with needle and thread. The horn is ready!

We cut 2 pieces of white felt and a smaller one of pink one for each ear. Put the pink felt on one white felt piece to make a colorful ear, and glue 2 white pieces together by the edges. Stuff the ear by stuffing like with the horn, and attach it to the hat at the right position. Make the other ear the same way.

3. Finish with unicorn eyes and flowers

We move on with attaching all plastic flowers onto the hat. Hot glue them all around the hat like in the picture. The more different colors, the more eye-catching your hat is. Finally, for the eyes, cut the SVG file and transfer the eyelashes to the hat using an iron. Here we have a perfect gift for your girl for their birthday.

Watch tutorial video for step-by-step image guide:


Hope you have some fun with our suggestions and DIY tutorial of unicorn hat for adults and kids. If you’re still eager to see more amazing unicorn hats, check out our other blog on unicorn hat and unicorn headbands here.

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