Unicorn Thank You Card DIY Tutorial: Step by Step Guide for Everyone

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A beautiful unicorn thank you card can put a smile to any unicorn lover’s face instantly. With the popularity of unicorn and unicorn-themed products, unicorn card has become a trend with numerous creative gorgeous designs.

A meaningful unicorn card going together with an adorable unicorn gift is the best way to show your love and thankful heart for your beloved. We show you here some lovely unicorn thank you card DIY lessons that can delight your day and might inspire you with greatest present ideas.

1. Golden Horn Unicorn Thank You Card

unicorn thank you cards
a. Preparation

We start with a simple, easy to make DIY unicorn card that can be used for any special occasion. The first step is always preparing all necessary stuff. We need cardstock in different colors: white, pink and gold. As in the picture, the white paper is the unicorn head’s background. Pink color will make beautiful ear and jaw for the unicorn while gold cardstock is especially for unicorn shiny horn.

Little paper or plastic flowers are perfect decoration around the unicorn horn to make our unicorn become cutest. Other tools needed include a black marker, scissors and glue stick. Now we are ready to make our dream unicorn card!

b. Step-by-step Guide

unicorn thank you card

Print the above designs on the prepared cardstocks accordingly to its color. You print the big head and ears on white cardstock, muzzle and inside ears on pink colored paper while cutting the unicorn horn out of the gold paper.

Notice to create each feature with correct size according to the picture. To make it a proper card, you fold the white paper in half then cut it in the shape of unicorn head. By that way, you can write any message inside, while freely decorating the unicorn head on the outside.

Then use the glue stick to stick all the necessary parts: unicorn horn, ears, jaw at the proper positions on the unicorn head. Sticking all paper flowers around the unicorn horn. Your unicorn would look like wearing a flower crown.

Next, draw unicorn eyes and noses with the black markers. And we got a final product of a beautiful unicorn card. So easy to make right? You can make as many cards as possible and share them with all your friends and family member. Remember to write some meaningful message, it would be the best way to express your love and care to beloved people around you.

2. Glittering Pink Horn Unicorn Card

Another fascinating unicorn card design that can make any unicorn lover crazy. This unicorn thank you card is as easy to make as the last one. The cute and simple is perfect as a present for children. You can make several ones to give it to your children and even their friends.

Not only children but even adults can be delighted by this lovely card. This card can go well with other unicorn gifts to create a little surprise and excitement for whoever receives them. Just by a few simple steps, you can finish this handmade item in only a couple of minutes.

a. Preparation

As usual, first and foremost, you need to prepare all the necessary material and tools. What you need include a white sheet, purple, light pink and white cardstock, glitter pink paper and acrylic pompoms.

Other tools contain scissors, glue, edge punch, pencil, ruler, black marker. They are all common stuff that you can easily pick up in Amazon, Walmart or any convenience store. Now after getting everything ready on the table, time to get your hands on the real work!

b. Step-by-Step Guide

First, you 3 small pieces from the white sheet: 1 piece of size 3x7cm, 1 piece of 3x4cm, 1 piece of 2x3cm. Fold each piece in half, then draw a parabola curve, cut along the drawn line. When you open all the pieces, they would look like little 2 little unicorn ears and a big horn.

We move on to make the plain card to stick all the details on. Cut a rectangle from the white cardstock, with a size of 19x24cm. Fold the longer side in half, so we got a plain birthday card of size 12x19cm. Next, take the purple paper, cut a rectangular 4x12cm piece. Round the edge with the edge punch. Glue it onto the bottom of the card we just made. Trim the edge of the card with the edge punch again.

Next, pick the 3x7cm horn and 3x4cm unicorn ear, trace them onto the top part of the cards. The big horn is right at the middle, and the 2 ears are symmetrically placed at 2 sides. Cut off the upper part outside of the drawn line. We finally got a card in a unicorn head shape.

Trace the small 2x3cm unicorn ear on the pink cardstock and cut out 2 pieces of the same size. We also cut out 2 circles of 3cm diameter from the pink paper as 2 pink cheekbones of the unicorn. Trace the big horn (3x7cm) on glitter paper and cut. Glue 2 small pink ears inside the big ears of the card, and the horn right at its position we just created on the card. Stick 2 pink cheekbones at 2 sides of the purple rectangle.

We finish the item by drawing unicorn eyes and nostrils with the black marker. Cover its 2 nostrils with 2 halves of a little heart cut from glitter paper. For a more lively look of the unicorn, decorate the horn with colorful pompoms. Add as many pompoms as you like, the unicorn would look so adorable like it’s wearing a flower crown.

Watch below tutorial video for more details:

Our card is finally done! Time to complete your card with meaningful messages for your beloved.

Hope we have a good time with our DIY tutorial to make unicorn cards. For more amazing unicorn tips and ideas, visit our blog! You can also find the hottest unicorn products at our shop for unicorn lovers.

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