Unique Unicorn Gift: Inspiring Ideas for A Magical Unicorn Party

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Unicorn theme has become extremely popular in the party world especially among girls. Not only unicorn lovers, but all ladies who love cute, princess-y styles are falling in love with unique unicorn gift that brightens any party instantly. Unicorn makes everything creative, fun and lovely. It creates a feel-good atmosphere that brings everyone closer. Unicorn theme is also suitable for everyone. From children to elders, who doesn’t adore this beautiful, good-hearted magical creature?

Let’s check out THE trendiest unicorn party ideas that everyone is going crazy about at the moment. We highly recommend these items if you are a unicorn enthusiast and going to have a party soon.

Unique unicorn gift 1: Golden Unicorn Decoration Candle

unique unicorn gift

Look at this gorgeous unicorn candle design! Isn’t it the perfect item to put on birthday cake of a unicorn lover? The design is inspired by a little baby unicorn with angel wings. The unicorn can catch the attention of anyone with its gorgeous features. It has big eyes, shiny wavy hair and golden plated wings and tails. The item has accurate details on every curve of the unicorn’s hair and body. All your unicorn lover friends could never take their eyes off this unique unicorn gift. What’s more exciting than lighting this candle on your most special days, surrounded by all your friends and family. Let this baby unicorn accompany you to a new age, new page of your life.

Unique unicorn gift 2: 11pcs/lot Purple Pink Unicorn Foil Balloons

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Balloons are one of the first things in your mind whenever you think about “party”, and unicorn balloons are must-have items in any unicorn-themed party. This is the hottest unique unicorn gift that unicorn lovers are loving best. The set contains one big unicorn-shaped balloon and 10 other round balloons with fun unicorn pictures on them. The unicorn head balloon will catch the attention of anyone immediately with its stunning design. This is a perfect item to put right at the entrance of your room to surprise your guests on their coming. Imagine how excited they would be to be welcome by lovely unicorns.

You can place other balloons in the set on the floor, or upon the ceilings to create a true unicorn atmosphere for the party. These cute unicorn balloons is the easiest, most eye-catching way to show everyone your personal style as the ultimate unicorn lover.r

Unique unicorn gift 3: Sequins Unicorn Cushion Cover

unicorn gifts for her

Unicorn and sequin are perfect theme and material that people often think of when decorating for a party. When you combine these two, the result might be unexpectedly magical. This charming design has colorful sequins that can change color to silver instantly with just a gentle touch. It would be so fun to play with it with all your friends and family member while sitting together on sofas. It could also be perfect decoration just for its pretty color and beautiful unicorn design.

There are two options for your choice: pink unicorn on colorful background or white background. The multi-color cover might be the right choice for a bright, lively and full of excitement party, while the white cushion is more suitable for a quieter, warm and cozy casual meetings. Or you can combine these two in only one party and create a fun and unique atmosphere. In whichever way, this unique unicorn gift will stand out instantly no matter where you put them.

Unique unicorn gift 4: Shiny Blue Unicorn Funny Party Glasses

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What’s more fun than you and all your besties wearing the same unicorn sunglass in a unicorn party? This unique unicorn gift is specially made for special parties of unicorn lovers. Putting this on and you instantly become part of the unicorn team, isn’t it so cool? Everyone would love a selfie with this cute item. Perfect for home party, swimming pool party, any fun event that you and your friends want some cool photos together.

Unique unicorn gift 5: Unicorn String Fairy Lights

unique unicorn gift

No party is completed without some flashy lighting, especially a lovely, fun and colorful unicorn party. Let these unicorn string lights do the job for you with their soft and gentle shining look. String lights are one of the most convenient and useful decoration items which you can easily hang around the room and change the atmosphere in an instant with its varied colors. You can choose soft yellow light to bring your house a warm vibe, or pure white if the room needs to look brighter. Lightings in adorable unicorn shape are the ones you should think of when you want a trademark for your party. This unique unicorn gift not only brightens your house but also makes a personal statement for any unicorn lover.

With all exciting suggestions above, have you got some brilliant idea for your unicorn party next week? For even more unique unicorn gift, unicorn party decorations, unicorn clothing, visit our website:

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