Unique Unicorn Head Wall Mounts for Unicorn Lovers' House

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Besides unicorn clothing, unicorn jewelry and accessories, unicorn home decoration is one of the most sought out unicorn-themed stuff nowadays. Unicorn lovers want to make their statement not only on their fashion style but also on home style with exotic decoration.

Wall mounted unicorn head might not be the most usual unicorn stuff but undoubtedly one of the most unique items to express a unicorn fan’s personal style. We’re proud to show you here the hottest unicorn head wall mounts in the market:

1. Hanging 3D Unicorn Head Wall Mount - Wall Decor


This lovely stuffed unicorn head mount will bring a new look to your house with its sweet and soft look. Made of high-quality clothing for the cover and soft PP cotton for the filler, it doesn’t only look great but also feels great when you touch it. The item can be hung anywhere in your house, in your living room, bedroom, reading room or in the garden (if your house has one:)). There is a small hole in the back so you can easily hang it on the wall.

This isn’t a usual unicorn design. With small head and jaw, and a very long, sharp horn, this is reminiscent of medieval unicorn image recorded from thousand years ago. The pure white color, curvy frills on the head and crystals on its horn add a classy, vintage vibe for the item. Unicorn ladies that love elegant style would love to have it at home. The decoration goes perfectly with neo-classical as well as modern interior.

Let’s welcome guest to your house with your unicorn trademark style even in little decoration like this.

2. Waterproof DIY Home Decoration Unicorn Model


Add a special touch for your house’ decoration with this DIY wall mounted unicorn head. The design might look simple but the plain color can go well with other sophisticated designs in your room. The sharp edge and corner create visual depth and strong 3D effect for the item.

What’s more exciting is you can make all of this by yourself! With a few simple guide steps, you can make not one, but many unicorn figures from cardboard of different colors. It’s not only about the final product alone, you can enjoy this fun activity with your friends and family members. Doing some creative activity together might be the easiest, most convenient way to strengthen your bond.

This handmade unicorn head can also make a lovely gift for your children. They definitely would love these simple, colorful designs of adorable animals. It’s even more meaningful when you give your kids the present made by yourself. The gift would contain your love and care for them with every step you do to complete the product.

3. 3D DIY Cardboard Unicorn Head


Another DIY project for your creative mind to fly high! This unique-looking unicorn stands out with a sophisticated design made of cardboard pieces. Instead of plain colors, this decoration item emphasizes the 3D effect with different shades of colors. The unique unicorn hair and sharp features create a stronger, fiercer look than usual cute unicorn decoration.

These bold, deep hues especially suit unicorn fans that love playing with colors and favor exotic, flashy style. There are many different colors for you to choose from. You can easily pick up the one that matches your room’s tone. Put it in your bedroom to add a personal touch to your most private corner, or show it in the living room to surprise your guest in the most unique way. It will effectively express your true unicorn style.

This can also be an awesome unicorn gift for your friends or family who are unicorn enthusiasts and love hands-on activities like this.


If you’re already bored with basic, typical unicorn head wall mounts and want something more unique and personal, take up our DIY lesson here! We show you how to make this gorgeous floral wall mounted unicorn head with just a few simple unicorn tips.

stuffed unicorn head mount

Let’s start now with preparation step.

What you need include parchment paper, lots of fabric (white and colored), a beautiful vintage oval frame (like in the picture), white cardboard paper and printer paper, pillow stuffing and plastic flowers. You also need colored glitter foam sheet, felt and wired ribbon to make small details of the unicorn.

Other necessary tools are scissors, paper pin, string measure and a glue gun. Are you ready? here we go!

a. Making unicorn head and ears:

First, draw the pattern of unicorn head and ear on parchment paper and cut. Trace the cut part on white fabric then cut. We need 2 pieces for unicorn head, and 2 pieces for each unicorn ear. 2 pieces of unicorn head need to be connected. We create the connecting piece by cutting a long, straight rectangle from white fabric with the same length as the unicorn head’s outside line.

We move on with the unicorn ears. Attach 2 pieces of unicorn ears with glue but leave out the bottom. Flip inside out, fold the ear in half and glue the bottom. Now we have a completed unicorn ear. Do the same for the other ear. Stick each ear to each piece of unicorn head at the right position.

Go back to the rectangle that we just made. Glue it along the edge of one unicorn head piece but stop at the ear. Flip inside out and keep gluing til the end. Attach the other unicorn head to the other side of the rectangle the same way. We got something like a unicorn-shaped cushion cover.

b. Creating the frame and attaching unicorn head on it:

Cut an oval from white cardboard with the same shape and a bit bigger size than the inner oval of the frame. Fill up the unicorn with pillow stuffing and glue it onto the oval paper. Put plastic flowers around the unicorn head as much as you want. Attach the frame. Now we’re only a few steps behind a completed product.

c. Finishing unicorn horn, eyes and nose:

We create the horn by rolling white printer paper into a long cone, then cover it with colored fabric. For unicorn nostrils, make 2 little swirls from felt. At last, draw 2 winky eyes from the foam sheet and cut. Glue all the details in the correct position on the head. Decorate the unicorn with a curvy ribbon around its horn. We finally got a beautiful unicorn head wall mount like the picture!

Watch this video for a detailed guide: 


Hope these suggestions can inspire you with some brilliant decoration ideas for your house. Visit our shop for more awesome unicorn gifts and stuff specially designed for unicorn lovers!

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